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Introducing the new project gallery over at

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Welcome to my gallery of Lettering Delights cards. 
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  1. These are amazing. Who knows maybe one day I'd be able to do something remotely like some of these.

  2. Wow! We're lucky that awesome crafters like yourself, Joy and others are willing to spend so much time doing the legwork for us! Maria

  3. Jin, Wow! I hadn't seen half of these before and I wish I could say I was surprised but you always deliver. I love there's an owl on my head and can imagine little ones playing with it. The little one under it looked a little like mine when she was small. You are amazing.


  4. Jin, thanks for sharing your beautiful work. You are very generous with giving us the awesome tutorials you do. I can't wait to try a few of them myself :)

  5. Great idea Jin,

    This will make it a lot easier to locate all these wonderful ideas that you share with all of us.

    Oh, would U consider doing the same for all those Circit Cart Cards that U have done.

    Thanks Linda

  6. Wow, you are very talented ! I'm inspired ;)

  7. I just look at these and am scraping my jaw off the floor!! I LOVE this page of LD goodness!

  8. God has graced you with such creative talents, Jin Yong.. what a treasure trove of creations! We are so lucky you have shared them with us... you are an inspiration!
    Trina M. :)

  9. You are so AMAZING! Thank you for all your inspiring projects!!!

  10. I love your cards the best... especially the 3D pop up ones like the LOVE card and the butterfly!

    Kris in Alaska
    funamom at yahoo dot com

  11. Jin, thank you so much for this great blog and sharing your work and your tutorials. Based on your reviews I have ordered my Silhouete Cameo and cannot wait for it to arrive. Your work is so inpsiring :-D

    Sue in England

    1. Thanks, Sue! I love my Cameo and I hope that you'll enjoy yours as much as I do. :-)

  12. Ooooh it's so awesome darling. How can i grab it one?
    I'm Indonesian

  13. I love your site. It never fails to inspire if only I would get off the computer and try some of these.

  14. Hello, I am new to the silhouette world and lettering delights. I am trying to figure out how lettering delights works..does it work on my WORD or is it I need to download software? WHen I went in to DL the creative delights software it asked me for a password..I am just totally confused on how to use this site

  15. Can you offer ANY help and tips on the lettering delights site..I can't quite figuure it I need to download software? When I tried downloading creative delights it asked me for a password...Is this a program I can use with my silhouette ?

  16. You are amazing Jin. Thank you, as always, for sharing your time and talent.