Friday, February 25, 2011

Print-and-Cut: Love You A Latte

It's been a while since I last made a Print-and-Cut (PNC) card. To be exact, the last PNC card that I posted was this Thanksgiving card that I made back in November 2010. I chuckle when I think of my earlier PNC cards. I was pretty annoyed by the concept of the Cricut Imagine and the hype that surrounded it that I decided to make a whole bunch of PNC-type cards (Faux-magine? LOL!) without the Imagine. 

Once I got the cards out of my system, and I was satisfied that I didn't need nor want the Imagine, I stopped making PNC cards. Cards that are partially printed are pretty to look at but they are not really my thing. I really prefer making the traditional paper-pieced cards. 

The release of Make-the-Cut v.3.0 last November included a Print capability. Kay of CleverSomeday made this quick video to illustrate the concept of PNC using Make-the-Cut

There are many ways to do a PNC card with Make-the-Cut. From my low-tech double-sided tape method, to Kay's Hinge method, to the cutting on color blocks method, MTC's print capability has allowed us to create PNC cards not only without the Imagine but it has also enabled us to do so without any other software that has a print capability (like Adobe Photoshop).

Today's card was made using a new and exciting technique of PNC. Instead of pixel-tracing a textured graphic and creating the layers from it, I combined the graphic image with it's SVG version. 

In other words, I brought the texture onto the mat and stacked the SVG version over that texture. For this card, I brought in the GRAPHIC image of the cup (from LD's Sweet Nothings GRAPHIC set),and then I imported the SVG of that same cup (the Sweet Nothings SVG set). I stacked the two together to make sure that they align and I adjusted them until they are the same size before printing and cutting the layers out.

I did waste some ink printing the image 3 times (for cutting out 3 different layers) but I thought it was well worth it considering that I did not waste time trying to pixel trace and creating the layers from that trace.

Cutting out was a breeze as I had previously figured out the paper alignment for my Cricut. I took less than 20mins to make this card. In fact, I took a much longer time writing this post up to this point. Having the SVG version of the image makes PNC so much easier especially when the graphic matches and fits within the SVG perfectly as in this case.

By the way, the card base was also printed. I used a pattern from the Sweet Nothings Paper Pack and layered the sentiment (also from the Sweet Nothings GRAPHIC set) over it.

Even though today's post isn't a full PNC tutorial, I hope that those of you who are already familiar with, or have made your own PNC cards, will find today's tips useful. 

Have a super weekend, everyone! 


  1. Jin,
    I had thought that this way might be possible before, but just never got around to trying it. I have several of the SVG sets in Graphic sets too!
    Cute Cute Cute Card
    Thanks for all your tuts to make our cutting lifes easier.

  2. I have SCAL & love it, but you keep dragging me over to the MTC side. At least I know if I get MTC I can visit your blog for how to use it!

  3. Jin, what a great way to do this - now it makes even MORE sense to buy BOTH the LD graphic and SVG set for just this purpose!! NEVER got around yet to trying PnC - but this may be the push I needed!

  4. thanks for the great tips, appreciate the tutorial.

  5. Jin, i just love your creativity! let me ask you a question. As you know i am a newbie.. how do you decide on what size to make your cards?

  6. Good question, jenny! I actually preset a size in MTC before starting on the project. For example, by putting a rectangle that has the final dimensions of the finished card, I know that I have to put my images inside that rectangle. When I used to use Cricut Design Studio, I applied the same concept. You can read about it in the link below. I need to update that post with the same tip but using MTC instead of CDS. In MTC, you can bring in a rectangle using the Import Basic Shapes button.

  7. OMGosh - Jin, thats perfect - how dumb am I not to think of that>>>> So glad I read these comments and not just the main post!


  8. Well, this looks like something I really need to sit down and study! I'm so excited but I'll have to wait until I get home and not while I'm sneaking on at work. LOL

    Thanks for the information!

  9. Your card looks fantastic! I wish I had this set. The only thing is, I would much prefer to not have to buy both the SVG and the graphic set. Is there any way to get the graphic without buying both?

  10. I HEART THIS! I am going to try to make something similar thanks for the inspiration~~~!!!!!!!

  11. @cfine Sometimes LD offer a deal if you buy the collection and sometimes the collection includes the svg and graphic. I just checked the LD site and there doesn't seem to be a similar deal on the Sweet Nothing Sets now. Hopefully LD can offer a SVG+Graphic deal in the future.