Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Treats: Because Love Sucks (sometimes!)

Lollipops! Which kid doesn't like lollipops? Turn them into a bouquet and you might even be able to pass them off to the kid-at-heart (a.k.a. my youngest child's preschool teacher). There are many variations of the lollipop bouquet and this is mine.

First, I printed the Lettering Delights Love is Sweet Paper Pack on both sides of regular printer paper. By the way, the paper pack is on sale now for only $1.20.  For 8 designs! Is that a steal or what?

Next, I used Lettering Delights' Yours Truly SVG set and Make-the-Cut to cut out the layers of file no. 9

This is what the cutouts look like. The layers include one that is a heart but I am not using the little heart layer for this project.

You may skip this step but personally, I like my lollipops in my bouquet to be wrapped in foil. ;-)

Punch a hole in the center of each layer. I used a 1/8" hole punch for the 2 smaller layers and I cut a small slit in the largest layer. Pull the lollipop stick through the 3 layers.

I wanted the flower to have a natural floral form so I creased the "petals" by pushing the layers towards the lollipop to wrap it, and then I release.

To cover up the raw edges, I wrapped a strip of green paper around the base of the flower and held the ends together with double-sided tape. I used my ATG tape but you can use any adhesive that will hold the end down.

If you like, you can use a wider strip of paper to cover the base but I wanted a bit of candy wrapper to show.

Six lollipops fit nicely in a mini bucket (from Michaels'). I added in a label that I cut out from the Love Labels SVG set with Make-the-Cut.

Some people are just not into Valentine's Day and then there are also those who have just fallen out-of-love, or is just having an un-lovely day. Worried that you'll feel awkward giving  everyone else Valentine treats? Don't fret because you can still include them in your celebrations. Why not cheer them up with this treat bucket? Just switch out the label for one like this:

The heart is from the Love Labels SVG set while I used the TXT Longhand font for "Love". Using Make-the-Cut, I used CTRL+H to make a Shadow Layer to bring all the elements of the label together.

So while Love does suck sometimes, it doesn't mean that your Valentine's Day treats ever have to be. Make a sucker bucket and see your friend's face light up on Valentine's Day. Even when she thinks that Love Sucks.


  1. So cute! I saw the white treat buckets that were similar to this at Dollar Tree; there were 2 in a package for $1, in the wedding section...I've always wanted to get some, but didn't know what to put in them! Now I know!

  2. Adorable idea Jin! I love the idea of the "Love sucks" bouquet for the friends who are not so in to valentines! Did you cut the "love" on the tag, or is it printed? I love it!


  3. Did I print it or did I cut it out? Make a guess on my FB page, Alyssa. You might win a gc. ;-)

  4. Never thought about the ones who don't think Vday is so great. I remember a time or two when I felt that way and this sure would have made my day!

  5. Jin, these are terrific! Cute "Love Sucks" bouquet.

  6. You are such an enabler. Hubby's bday is Valentine's day and we are celebrating with family on Sun. Wanted a nice centerpiece and this is perfect as I always get request when I am grocery shopping for bags of lollipops for Mr. Valentine. Thanks so much. Now I need to run to Michaels and get some buckets. LOL I did find a similar red tape like in your mailbox post at Pat Catan's called Hercules Tape. Looks the same as yours and I got it $1.99 for the quarter size. Thanks for the info on that and for sharing this. I think I would need a bigger bucket though cause I know everyone would love a sucker!