Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pop-Up Popcorn!

If you have been following my blog, you may think you have seen this card before. Guess what, you have and then you haven't. :P. Back in September last year, I made this shaped card using the Print-and Cut technique. Today's card was made with the same image but it has an extra element. It's a Pop-up popcorn!

Isn't that fun? I couldn't stop laughing and playing with the card after I was done making it. It doesn't take that much to amuse me. :-D

I used Joy's Yummy Puns for the hidden message and Make-the-Cut to cut the whole thing with my Cricut. The popcorn is from the Lettering Delights' Sugar Rush Clipart set.

I love that the clipart sets have both the colored and uncolored versions of the same image. Using Make-the-Cut, I Pixel Trace the black and white image to bring it into the mat. I used Break to isolate the single popcorn and welded a copy of it to 2 rounded rectangles to form the pull tab. The "slit" was made by welding a shadow of the popcorn with the rest of the popcorn cluster. Lastly, the colored image was added as a texture for the purpose of printing.


  1. I love this card!! Now I'm really thinking about MTC!! TFS :o)

  2. This is so cute. I have a movie giftcard to give and this would be perfect, I would just cut out a few more popcorn pieces so it would fit. Love it!!

  3. Wonderful, cute, great design!!!

  4. Oh Jin, your card is making me hungry for popcorn!! I just love how bight and vibrant this card is and super clever having the popcorn pull out tag..


  5. So cute! My favorite snack too!! I love this & only wish I could have the same software, it seems like it's fun to play with.

  6. I love it! You are so creative with the graphics, MTC and your cricut!

    I am new to card-making, what tool(s) do you use/like for making crisp fold lines in card stock?

  7. Love the idea of the pop up popcorn piece! I still don't quite get how you made the slit for it. Could you go into a little more detail about how you made it? Thanks!

  8. I just posted a picture on FB that should answer your question, cfine. :-)

  9. You manipulate these SVGs perfectly. Would you consider doing a video on something like this so I can see how you make the shape cards and the slits?

    nginerd at gmail dot com