Tuesday, July 17, 2012


For those of you who have asked for Belle to be added to LD's Happily Ever After princesses, did you know that you can make Belle by combining Jasmine and Tiana?

Lettering Delights recently posted a video tutorial that shows how to make a princess that looks like Belle. I followed the tutorial and ended up with these layers:

The extra yellow body layer was not made from that tutorial. Rather, I added that for the shoes layer. I had cut out Belle's shoes from LD's tutorial and found that they were a bit small and challenging to glue down in place. By welding the black body layer to the lower half of the base (brown) layer, I managed to get shoes with that yellow body.

Using the same idea, I managed to get Belle's back by combining Jasmine and Tiana's backs. Making the back was a little tricky because I also wanted it to align it with the front. This is so that I can use the fronts and backs for making things like cupcake toppers and magnetic bookmarks without having Belle looking like she had a crooked back.


In their tutorial, LD used Make-the-Cut (MTC) to make Belle. Even though you can also use the Silhouette Studio (Designer Ed) program, in my opinion, it is easier to make Belle by using MTC because of the latter's Layers feature.

To make your own Belle, click HERE to watch LD's video tutorial. You will need to use the Jasmine and Tiana files from the Happily Ever After Cut Its set. If you do not already own that, please click HERE to get it from the LD site.

To make Belle's back, you will need the files for Jasmine's and Tiana's backs. You can get those files by clicking HERE.


  1. I was able to create Belle following the tutorial as well. Now I just need to figure out how to make Ariel!

  2. Oh she looks adorable Jin!!!! I love how you did the sparkly shoes too! :)

    I just made my first Cameo project yesterday, following one of your tutorials, and it turned out great! I have had my Cameo since Februray, and I have been so imtimidated to use it, but I know I will LOVE it once I figure it all out.

    Thanks for all of you amazing tutorials, you are a big reason why I got the Cameo in the first place! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! I'll have to give it a try. Yes, we now have to get them to do a tutorial on Ariel. Appreciate all your efforts and tutorials.

  4. Word on Ariel -- two little downstairs neighbors of mine love Tiana and Ariel, but I'm certainly not going down there with only one and not the other!!!

  5. Haha I came here to also comment on Ariel. Please!

  6. Thank you for showing us how to make Belle. I appreciate all your experience, with me being a newbie to MTC.