Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Pop-up Birthday card for Lissa

Lissa is a friend of my daughter (Twin A) and her birthday is coming soon. She's turning 11! I thought I would help Twin A make a birthday card for Lissa. She'll make the card front and I will make the inside.

Using the new Pop-up Card Studio, I made a template with Lissa's name and exported it as an SVG.

Using Silhouette Studio Designer Edition (SSDE), I opened and UNGROUP the (svg) template and turned on the cutting lines (i.e. set the Cut Style to "Cut").

I also added in the words "Happy Birthday" and used the color-fill tool to add colors to each letter. I turn off the cutting lines for the words (i.e. set the Cut Style to "No Cut") before sending it to my printer, then the Cameo for print-and-cut.

That's it! My job is done! Now all Twin A has to do is to make the card front and adhere this pop-up layer on the inside of the card and she'll have a super cute birthday card for her friend!

Making pop-up cards has never been easier! This card is cute and fast to make and I love that it is personalized. I hope that Lissa will get a chuckle out of seeing her name pop-out in her very own one-of-a-kind pop-out card.

Font: LD Unique

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  1. I have been salivating and wished these programs worked on a Mac, but now you've given me a taste! Thank you so much for all the wonderful tutorials Jin!