Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jin's Gift Tag Gift Set

Judy is a neighbor of mine. I've actually mentioned her on this blog several times previously. She's an expert baker and a good friend. If you missed my past posts, you can see Judy's pastries HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Judy is a very talented baker but what I love and admire the most about her is that she is tremendously kind and generous. She gets a lot of joy from baking but she is even happier when she gets to share her baked goods. I often see her bringing a tray of cupcakes for the teachers at school, or a basket of breads for her friends. I especially love that she always saves a bag of treats for me. Yay, Judy!

LD released their Country Kitchen collection last week and I thought it had Judy's name written all over it. The moment I saw the Country Kitchen Labels, I knew that I just had to make a set for her. A box of gift tags is the perfect gift for someone who loves to give. Someone like Judy!

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Using Silhouette Studio Designer Edition and the Cameo's print-and-cut feature, I made 30 gift tags and labels. I sized the tags so that their longest side is exactly 3". If you have not print-and-cut before, click HERE and HERE for some basic tips and tutorial. You can find even more print-and-cut tutorials from my tutorial page HERE.

To complete the gift set, I packed 2 colors of twine into three bundles and also made a gift box and inserts to contain the whole thing. The gift box is actually the same box that I used for my Letter Stationery Set but I reduced the size by 25% (Hint: in Silhouette Studio, scale down the box template to 75% of its original size). I added 2 inserts to the box for a better presentation.

Judy's pastries are delectable and these tags add just the perfect finishing touch to her homemade treats. I hope that she likes them as much as I enjoy her breads and cakes. ♥

File used:
Country Kitchen Labels graphic set
Jin's Letter Stationery Box


  1. That's so awesome of you to make. Looks very professional - will need to put this on my list.

  2. Those tags are the perfect touch for her wonderful treats. Isn't it great when gift giving keeps going in circles?

  3. I just love looking at your projects and this is no exception! So very thoughtful too!

  4. The look great!! I'm terrified to try print/cut, but maybe I'll give it a try.