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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jin's FREE Button Template for 1" Button Machine {plus Video Tutorial}

Since posting about my button machine, I've received a lot of questions about it from many of you. I understand that some of you even went and got yourself one. Today's post is in response to those of you who had requested for a button template that you can use with your Silhouette cutter and your 1" button maker.

In order to make buttons with your button machine, you will first need to print the graphics and cut them out into 1.313" circles. You can do so by using the PDF template that came with your button machine and cutting those circles out by hand or with a paper puncher. You can also simplify and speed up the process by using print-and-cut with your Silhouette cutter.

I designed this button template with Silhouette Studio Designer Edition for use with the 1" button machine. Each letter-size page will yield 33 circle cutouts that will fit in your 1" button machine. The inner (smaller) circle measures 0.875" while the outer (larger) circle measures 1.315". I tried to make a 1.313" outer circles but the software only allows for size increments of 0.005". Luckily 1.315" circles work with the button machine too. You would want to position your graphics inside the smaller (0.875") circle because that part will show on the button face.

This template works best with Lettering Delights' circle-shaped graphics (list at the end of the post) but it will also work with their other (non-circle) graphics, SVGs (included in their Cut It sets), fonts, and background paper.

This video tutorial will show you how to use this button template with the LD images:

Once you have filled the template with your graphics, just click on the "Send to Silhouette" icon on the top menu bar to start your Print-and-Cut.

Follow the instructions to print the page to your printer, making sure to do a Print Preview first. Go ahead and print the page out when you are satisfied with the preview.

Place that printed page onto your Cameo cutting mat and load the mat into the cutter. Continue following the instructions shown in Silhouette Studio to scan for the registration marks.

Once the cutter has "found" the registration marks, proceed with the instructions to start the cutting process. Don't forget to adjust your blade and the cut settings accordingly.

When the Cameo has finished cutting, unload the cutting mat and remove the circles. You are now ready to turn these paper circles into cute buttons or flairs, as some like to call them.

As mentioned in my video tutorial, here is the list of LD circle-shaped graphics that will work well with this template. It is the same list that can be found at the end of the cupcake topper tutorial that I posted on Oct 14 (except that I placed the sets in alphabetical order this time):

Baby Z Shower  
Cupcake Flair Toppers
Dad is Tops Cards and Bag Kits
For Peep's Sake Party Printables 
Frank's Friends 
Frankly Frank 
Halloween Town Party
Happy New Year 2013 Printables
Happy New Year Printables (2012)
Heartland Pride
Hipster Party Set
I'm Your Ally Cupcake Toppers
Kissing Booth
Mad Scientist's Party  
Mad Tea Party Printables
Mommy and Me Icons
Monster-licious Cupcake Toppers
Ninja Kicks
Old School
Oscar Party Printables 
Party Back to School 
Rockets Cupcake Toppers and Bottle Wraps
Rootin Tootin Cowboy
Royal Wedding Pennants Toppers
Snips and Snails Baby Shower
Superhero Party
You're a Doll
Z Best Party Printables

These are the graphics, svg, font, and paper that I used in my video tutorial:
Hipster Party Set
Owl Goes Hoo and Ghost Goes Boo graphic set
What Does The Fox Say? Cut Its (SVG)
TXT Frankfurt font
Christmas Village Background Paper.

Click HERE to download your 1" button template.

UPDATE: If the above link does not work, it may be because the bandwidth limit has been exceeded. In that case, please use THIS ALTERNATE LINK to get your 1" button template.


  1. Jin you are the "bomb," go above and above for your followers. What else can be said, but Thank You! Linda

  2. OMG OMG thank you so much you made my day and year .. my flair making with never be the same .. your are so wonderful.. TSQ

  3. I just have to say.. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. I've done the whole print and punch and I purchased a smaller hole punch because the price of the punches made for 1in button makers were a lot more than I was willing to pay. Unfortunately the one I got is really hard on my hands but I'd suffer though pages of buttons. I was going to try to make a cut file but just never got around to it. So I really appreciate it, and I know my hands will too! :)

  4. Wow , this is great Jin. Just what I needed, the video and bonus template. Thanks so much. You always come through for us. I purchased the same button maker and punch that you have after I say yours and I love it but I have been making 1 button at a time with no template. Now I can make multiple buttons and use my Silhouette designer software and cameo and of course my LD svg's. Many Thanks ! K

  5. seriously Jin, I love you for making life easy peasy!! You are so smart and talented and giving!!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I just made my first set of buttons thanks to your wonderful directions and video. Even with the help of a three year old. ;)

  7. Hi Jin. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial. Does the drag and drop only work with the Designer Software and SVG's? I don't have the Designer software. Thanks!

    1. Yes, you need SSDE to use SVG and to do the drag-and-drop.

    2. Thank you! This may be just what I needed to convince me to buy the Designer software. As if I didn't love my Silhouette enough.

  8. Thank you sooo much! I have been perusing your site and I absolutely love it (and you for making it all available for us). You are the best!
    Thanks again,

  9. thank you! I bought a button machine after watching your tutorial and I'm waiting for it impatiently :) Thank you for the template!!! But when I bring in a .png it doesn't snap into the inner circle like yours does in the video- is there a setting I need to do? I have the designer edition. thanks again for all you do!

    1. Hi Peg! Is your png file a circle? The template works best if the image is a circle.

    2. I also tried the cupcake topper template and the same thing- it drops on the canvas but doesn't snap into the circle, I have to move it around to get it in the circle. thank you for your help.

    3. Peg, does it do the same thing when you use the LD printables?. The template was designed for use with LD's circle-shaped PNG files. If your graphics don't "snap" into the template, chances are they have a different property from the LD circle pngs, and wouldn't work without some manual adjustments with this.

  10. Cute buttons! Can you tell me if you used regular copy paper or cardstock? Thanks.

  11. Replies
    1. The download is a zipped file. Be sure to Unzip (extract) before using it in Silhouette Studio.

  12. I am purchasing a 1.5" button maker and was wondering if you can make a template for this size of button - I would be happy to pay you for your time. Will you email me? amanda(at)jedicraftgirl(dot)com Thanks!!!

  13. Is this available in a pdf or Jpeg file? Thanks

  14. I love your tutorial. Just started making buttons with my Silhouette and your tutorial was perfect. I am having problems with the circles being perfect circles with using the registration marks and I can't seem to find any help to solve this problems. Any suggestions???