Monday, January 31, 2011

Mail Time!

Who likes mail? I do! I like mail even better when they are treats. Just like those that are contained in these Lettering Delights Mailboxes.

I thought that the Valentine Mail Drop Box and the Valentine Mail Box SVG sets were really fun to put together but it took me two tries at making the Drop Box before I realize that the best way to stick the sides together was to use the Terrifically Tacky Tape (or red-lined tape). I found mine on clearance (50% off!) at Michaels but be warned that they really are very very sticky so be careful when you are using them. You don't want to stick them on the wrong side of the cardstock because there is no way to correct that mistake. You'll have to re-cut the two pieces. Ask me how I know that.

The tape was so strong that I could put a whole bunch of chocolates in the Drop Box and the bottom would hold and not give way. I was pretty impressed.

For the Mailbox, I decided to use my ATG gun instead because it was just easier especially when I was putting together the front and back of the mailbox. I had to be really careful when I was taping down the curved part and if I had used the red-lined tape, I would not have been able to separate the cardstock to fix any errors. Besides, unlike the Drop Box, the bottom of the mailbox sits flat on the surface and I didn't need to worry if the weight of the contents inside would break through the base.

I also used the Lettering Delights Love is Sweet Background Paper to make these boxes. I printed them out on my letter-sized cardstock and Cri-cut out the SVGs with Make-the-Cut. It is so convenient to use papers that already co-ordinate with the set! For the templates to fit on the letter-sized cardstock, I did reduced the size of the SVG by 10%. I do this by typing "90%" in the Width (W) box in MTC while keeping the Lock Aspect Ratio on. The Height(H) will automatically reduce itself. I reduce the size of every file that I used in the same SVG set the same way.

I thought that these boxes make darling centerpieces but my 2nd Graders would rather that I make them for their classmates to keep their Valentines in. Since these templates are in SVG format, I can easily make them smaller. I like these boxes big but they are so fun to make, I just might make a whole bunch of smaller ones for the kiddos. :-)

Click here or the image above to get your Valentine Mail Drop Box or Valentine Mailbox SVGs.


  1. so very adorable! I love the drop box, its my fav!

  2. Love them all!

  3. Love these! Great idea to make them for the kids, but I would probably only get one made for each of my kids, and maybe my DDs friend in her class. It would take me until NEXT Feb 14 to make a whole class full LOL!

  4. Did you design these?

  5. I put the drop box together using Scotch quick dry adhesive b/c I was afraid to use the tacky tape! In what order did you put the parts together? It would be nice if LD thought about providing directions for those of us who are craft challenged! This was definitely a challenge for me, but I plan to make at least three more for my sons. I can't imagine doing it for an entire class! Yours looks great!

  6. LOL! Aren't they cute? I wish I I have the talent to design them. :D These are SVGs that I got from Lettering Delights. You can get them too from the links above. :)

  7. @cfine, I was going to post a tutorial on how to make these but the weekend passed by too fast and my tutorial got too wordy. I'll try to post a quick step-by-step guide tomorrow.

  8. Jin,
    U Really "Went Postal" Girl. These are so cute.
    I really like this paper set and used it to cut out some valentines postcards. They came out really cute!!!! Thanks Jin!

  9. So YOU were the one who took all the red tape at Michael's! Lol...just kidding...I was at the Alderwood one last week, saw them on sale, but there wasn't any left...(hmmm...did you go to Kirkland?)...

    These are very cute, tfs!!!


  10. LOL! @Michelle. :) I haven't been to the Alderwood store in a month. That store never has anything that I'm looking for. I picked my tape from the Kirkland store this weekend but they only had the 1/2" width left. If you are going there, you can find them hanging on the display with the Recollections Brand of paper stacks (look like DCWV), the same aisle as the Valentines supplies.