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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to Assemble the Lettering Delights Valentine Mail Drop Box


This article was originally posted on Feb 1, 2011. It was updated on Feb 7, 2014.


Cut out the following pieces: Files 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, and 19. 

Adhere together the decorative sides (Files 8, and 9) and set them aside for later.

STEP 3: 
Using the score lines from the cutouts as a guide, score and crease the folds.

Prep the bottom piece with double-sided tape.

STEP 5: 
Stick the base to the two sides of the drop box. (Pictures below only show the base being taped to one side but you should also stick the base to the other side when the first side is done.)

Prepare the top/back piece (file 1). I used my ATG tape instead of the red-lined tape because this tape is more forgiving. 

STEP 7:  
Adhere the side cutout to the top/back piece starting from the bottom of the top/back piece.

Before attempting to adhere the curved parts of the mail drop box, make sure that the top/back piece is stuck onto the straight sides of the two side pieces.

Adhere the front of the top/back piece to the front of the drop box and then adjust the curved part. I had to tuck in the two curved parts so that the three pieces of cutouts (2 side pieces plus the front/back piece) all fit snugly.

STEP 10: 
Adhere the top of the front piece to the bottom of the slot cutout.

STEP 11: 
Adhere one side of the front down onto the drop box. 

STEP 12: 
Adhere the other side of the front piece down. 

STEP 13: 
Stick the two little flaps/sides of the slot piece to the drop box. 

STEP 14: 
Tuck in the top of the slot piece, and adhere it to the top of the drop box. 

STEP 15: 
Adhere the prepare pieces from Step 2 to the two sides of the drop box. 

STEP 16: 
Decorate the front of the drop box to your heart's content or just sit back and enjoy the assembled Valentine Mail Drop Box.


  1. Wow! Thanks for the detailed instructions! :o)


  2. Perfect, thanks for the instructions! What happened to pieces 5 and 6? Did you just not need them? I can't quite figure out where they go. LOL

  3. I have not cut those pieces out but I believe that pieces 5 and 6 are optional. They can be used in place of piece 1 especially for when you want to build a big drop box.

  4. I was at Michael's last night for refills for my ATG gun. You said that red tape was on clearance. What area? Is that the name of it? I need some super sticky tape! Those mailboxes are adorable!!! Love them as treat holders or valentine holders. Too cute. TFS

  5. Hey Tabitha, I just added more info (plus a picture) to the post. Hope that helps. :-)

  6. Fantastic tut Jin!
    The pattern paper that you that actual sheets you have, or is a texture you brought into MTC...and if so....where did you get it!! So cute!

  7. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I definitely didn't put mine together like this so this will make the next 3 much easier! I was definitely confused by the optional pieces so this clears that up. I'm going to try the tacky tape, it looks easier!

  8. Hey Kathy, I just added the info on the papers to my post above. ;-)

  9. GREAT!!! I bought that paper pack!!! You are such an LUV IT! :)

  10. This mail box is so sweet :-)

  11. I wish I'd bought this one now, your instructions are very clear! I bought the other mailbox, which has no instructions anywhere (that I could find). I'm new to LD and the world of digital die-cutting and I'm having trouble figuring out which parts to cut and which are optional extras. I can see I'm going to use a lot of card figuring it out ;o)

  12. Well, my back and front got mixed up and my lines are a little off kilter but my 11 year old loves it! Thank you!