Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's a Valentine's Day Parrrrty!

For the past week you have watched me make Valentine's Day cards, treats, and Mail Boxes. Add a couple of drinks and we are ready to paaaaaaaaaarty!

The more I use the Frogs and Kisses SVG set, the more I *heart* it. I used a file from the set to label the milk bottles!

My kids are not really that into cupcakes so I decided to get donuts instead. Yum....

The Valentine Mail Drop Box and the Valentine Mailbox make the perfect centerpiece while the Valentine Cone Boxes make the Valentine treats even more special.

Lettering Delights has released several SVG sets that are perfect for Valentine's Day. With so many fun things to cut out, why not party? ;-)


  1. OH!! That is sooo prettty! I bet your kids love it! What a great mom you are.


  2. I can hardly wait each day to see what great creation you have come up with! I just love your work and I keep going back to Lettering Delights for more!

  3. WOW Great projects. you did an awesome job on all of them.

  4. You are SUCH an enabler! I love Lettering Delights!


  5. Very cute! You always do such an amazing job showing us your projects. TFS

  6. Thanks, everyone. :) My girls did enjoy the donuts but they really liked the milk in glass bottles. LOL. :D

  7. Yum, yum, yum!... Yep the pink milk is the icing on the cake! LOL ;-)
    Love all those projects and they look even better all grouped together! :-D

  8. I LOVE this idea, especially using pink drinks in recycled Starbucks Frappucino bottles (is that what they are?). Very cleverly creative!