Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You fell asleep here (bookmarks).

What do you do when you have three avid readers in the house who constantly misplace their bookmarks? Well, you make more. ;-)

LD's Slumber Party may seem to be an odd choice for a bookmark but I thought that it was perfect when paired with the message I had in mind.

Previously when I made the Toadally School bookmarks, the paper-pieced frogs were a little bulky so I decided to use print-and-cut to make some one-layer printed bookmarks this time.

Using the Silhouette Studio program, I imported the dolls onto the virtual mat. I made an offset (shadow layer) of each doll and welded that to a rounded-corner rectangle to form the base of the bookmarks. Using the Fill Pattern command, I filled the base with a pattern that is already in the Silhouette Studio program. The font that I used is Smiley Monster and you can download it from here.

As soon as I was happy with how the bookmarks looked, I proceeded to print-and-cut with my Silhouette Cameo. Even better, now that I have saved the designs, every time I needed a new bookmark, I could just pull up the file and print-and-cut! By the way, if you have not print-and-cut with your Silhouette Studio program before and are not sure how to do it, this tutorial may help.

If you use MTC, you can make these bookmarks using print-and-cut too. Just remember to use smaller-sized textures, or even tiles to fill the patterns because the common large-size textures may slow the program down.


  1. awww these book marks are so super pretty.

  2. This is amazing, I was just dreaming up ideas for my daughters upcoming slumber party. She OK'd this set of images already so I was thinking of all the different things to make. Now this is on the top of the list. Thanks for the wonderful idea! I am really loving my Zing and MTC!

  3. Oh my goodness! So cute! I need to make these for myself. LOL!

  4. These are adorable... and I love that quote, I have seen it on other bookmarks and it always makes me smile. :-) I love making bookmarks too and try to keep them one layer as the bulk damages the books, and I always laminate them afterwards too, because those things take abuse from avid readers... ;-)

  5. This is perfect for our house! I have an eight year old who always has a book in her hand. I actually have to take books away sometimes when they are being read in inappropriate places like the dinner table. Or when someone sneaks a flashlight into bed and is up until midnight reading under the covers! I could even take this idea and then laminate them to make them a bit sturdier! Thank you so much for the great idea.

  6. Jin, these are brilliant! What a great idea! I think I have to make a set of these for me and my sister.