Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Trick or Treat - a LD Print-and-Cut card

So if you have read my posts from my "faux-magine" days, you may recall that I'm not really a print-and-cut kind of gal. PNC is quick and easy but personally I really prefer cutting out on different sheets of colored and textured cardstock. Still, when I saw Sheri Berry's Costume Clubhouse Collection, I just had to give PNC another try.

Yesterday I showed you how to use LD's Print-and-Cut files with both Make-the-Cut and the Silhouette Studio programs. When I first started on today's card, I actually tried making it with Make-the-Cut first.

Whenever I make a card, I try to lay out all the elements in MTC before cutting the layers out with my Silhouette SD. This time was no different. However, using these textures with MTC seems to slow my computer down so I thought I'd try with the Silhouette Studio instead.

This is how the layout looked like in Silhouette Studio:

The two layouts look slightly different from each other and even from the final card because I changed my mind about how it should look. I decided to go with a black background eventually but I kept a bit of the orange that I printed from the Costume Clubhouse Paper Pack. I also added a couple of ghosts.

I used my Canon PIXMA MP495 Wireless Inkjet printer to print on some Georgia Pacific White cardstock that I bought from Walmart. The cardstock is not very heavy weight but it is very economical (less than $6 for 150 sheets).

To add some depth to the card, I used foam tape to adhere the layers. I also applied Stickles (glitter glue) to the costumed kid and the ghosts.

Putting this card together was really quick because I didn't have to spend time to paper-piece the individual elements. I almost felt like I finished this card too quickly. Who knows, I just may have to PNC another project out. Just maybe. 


  1. I adore this card, and nothing looks "quick" about it but I love that you said it was. My Cameo will be here Friday and as I've only ever used a Cricut & carts the whole pnc and svg thing is very new to me. I CAN'T WAIT! I normally love actual layers and piecing too but for quick cards, or ones going to people you know will just throw them away (eekkkk) I think pnc will be wonderful! Also glad to know it worked so well with Studio!

  2. love you blog, jin! and you make me want to give PNC a fair shot too! just need to figure out how to do that using SCAL2!

  3. Jin, Thank you for sharing your printer... You are wonderful and so helpful.

    Love all your ideas.

  4. Jin, what a great card you made. I love, love, love it. Love the simplicity, love the colors (hello halloween) and love the way you put it all together so effortlessly. You make it seem so quick and easy, but your eye always has visual intricacy with sparkles of charm.

    Love your work, Sheri Berry

  5. Hi Jin
    Thanks for sharing your print and cut halloween card and your video. I am going to try a print and cut file to see how it works. May I ask what set did you use to make the trick or treat words and the spiders. thanks K