Monday, October 24, 2011

Patricia's Halloween Kit

One of my favorite Lettering Delights sets is designed by Patricia Zapata. Like all her other projects, her Intricate Gift Box Collection reflects a clean, modern, and very stylish look. I couldn't have been more excited when I saw that she has released even more designs through the Lettering Delights store.

Last Thursday, Lettering Delights introduced Patricia as their latest Creative Spotlight. At the same time, they also put out several of her cuttable files on their site, including the Halloween Kit Cut Its.

Even though the set includes many interesting elements and even a new box design, I was attracted to the tags and pennants. I had to cut them out!

I LOVE these new Halloween pennants but I was also very drawn to the tags. Instead of cutting those out, I decided to play around with them in Make-the-Cut.

Using Make-the-Cut's BREAK, and JOIN tools, I made this card:

By "anchoring" the main designs into the card, I have ensured that they will always be aligned in the same positions should I make multiples of the card.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you would probably know that I love messing with files even if they are absolutely perfect. When I saw the witch's boot on the tag, I couldn't help but add some colors to it by creating two additional layers.

Using the basic tools (BREAK, DELETE, COPY, PASTE), I created new layers for the boots (socks?) so that I can easily add some colors to the tag.

I couldn't leave the pumpkin tag alone so I created one additional orange layer for it too.

Even though the tags look amazing just the way they are, I love that I could use Make-the-Cut to  put my own spin on them. Oh by the way, I used my Silhouette SD to cut everything out.

These tags come at a great timing. Halloween is in one week and I am still putting treats together for the kids. The designs in this Halloween Kit would work for the kids but I think that they would be perfect for the teachers. I wonder if they would prefer a treat bag with a chocolate bar or a pillow box full of chocolate kisses and jelly beans?

I suppose it wouldn't really matter since they all have chocolate, right?

Well, unless the size matters.



  1. LOL you crack me up :D I didn't think I needed this set, of course until I saw your post on it. I absolutely love what you did with the colored layers as well.

  2. Oh Jin!! These all look so awesome. Love everything you did! :)