Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Of Candied and Caramel Apples

Amidst all the excitement over the release of Sheri Berry's Costume Clubhouse Collection late last week, did you notice that the Cut Its version of Apple On A Stick and Pretty Pops were also made available on the Lettering Delights website? I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't because I found them on Page 3 under the "What's New" tab even though they are brand spanking new.

Does anyone remember my Zoku pops? I was so amused to see a Cut Its set for the fancy popsicles that I just had to cut everything out as soon as I got a hold of the file.

Don't they look yummy? I took several pictures of these popsicles but I will show them to you at another time. Today I will share with you what I did with the Apple On A Stick set instead.

The apple set comes with 14 files including 9 different candied and caramel apples and a card base.

Making candied apple cards is fun but these are also great as candy wrappers.

Anyone wants to make a guess what I tucked inside the card?

There's a Caramel Apple lollipop inside every apple! I didn't even need to adjust the size of the SVGs when I imported the image into Make-the-Cut! I just imported them at Actual and 72 DPI.

Assembling these treats is super easy. Just place a lollipop inside each card, wrap some twine to keep the cards closed, and finish with a flag. Speaking of the flags, I made them using Make-the-Cut. In fact, I cut out all the apples using Make-the-Cut, and my Silhouette SD.

Once again, and just like my previous card, I used the rhinestone tool to create the dotted outline. I used the LDJ Hearth font for the label and printed and cut the flags out. This is how the flags looked like in the Print Preview mode in Make-the-Cut and....

.....this is how they look like after they have been printed out:

I think that the printed flags/labels gives a nice and professional look that completes the project beautifully.

Instead of labeling the apples, you can also use the flags as gift tags. Just write "To:...." and "From:...." in place of "Candied Apple" or "Caramel Apple". How cute will these treats look when they are put inside the apple basket? I filled up my basket with candy corn but it would be too cute to have the lollipops inside it too.

The Apple On A Stick set also includes a cut file for an apple core. In case, anyone wants to see how the cutout looks like, here is one that I put together:

The banner on the right is not included in the set. I made it just for fun and using the Pennants SVG set.

Halloween will be upon us in just under 3 weeks and I'm putting together goodie bags for my kids' friends and classmates now. We have a lot of treats in the house but my favorite isn't one that I put together. My youngest saw me assembling the caramel apple pops yesterday and wanted to get into the action too. I gave her a blank card base and this is what she gave back to me:

I think that's the best treat that I've received this season. :)


  1. These are too cute Jin! Another fabulous project!!!

  2. I love caramel apples and they love my I cannot resist! Super DUPER cute card you received, when is she going to start blogging:)?

  3. I love these Jin! Great job (as always!)