Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring is Bliss SVG: Birdhouse Basket

If you subscribe to the Lettering Delights newsletter, you may have seen this birdhouse basket. Let me show you a few tips about this SVG.

You can find the basket in the Lettering Delights' Spring is Bliss SVG set. It is the 3rd last file in the set (File #15). 

Referring to the picture above, these are the parts of the basket:
1: Handle
2: Open Roof
3: Alternate Roof (use in place of 1 and 2)
4: Base
5: Basket body

Use no.2 if you want an open basket like the one shown in the picture above. Use no. 3 if you just want a stand alone birdhouse. If you are assembling the latter, you don't need the handle (no.1).

As previously mentioned, if you use Make-the-Cut, all Lettering Delights files should be imported at "Actual" and "72 DPI".

When you do so for this file, you will find that it comes onto the mat pretty big and you will need to use the 12"x24" mat. Cutting the layers at this size will yield a basket that is about 6" tall. If you want your birdhouse to be smaller, just reduce all the layers together. I didn't want to pull out my 12"x24" mat so I reduced all the layers until everything fits within the 12"x12" mat. My finished basket is a really nice size at approximately 3.5" tall. (Hint: To get a basket the same size as mine, as soon as you import the layers, move your cursor to the top and change the width to 13.5". Hit Enter and all the layers will reduce in size in the same proportion.)

This basket is pretty easy to put together but note that the roof is adhered to the body on only 2 sides. I didn't stick the two short sides of the roof so it just sits on top of the basket. Also, if you want to whip up many of these quickly, just use a patterned paper for the body of the basket instead of cutting and assembling the heart and flowers.

You can get the Spring is Bliss SVG set here. It will be $2 for another week and after that the price will go back to $5. Grab your birdhouse before the deal is over. Just click here.


  1. hi Jin, this is so cute!!!!!!

  2. So adorable Jin!! Thanks for the tips!

  3. That is just too cute, I wasn't sure what to do with that file, as I have this set. Thanks for letting us know.

  4. Great information Jin!!! And oh how cute.
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