Monday, May 9, 2011

The Queen's Royal Court Design Team: COSMOS CRICKET



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Are you ready for another Queen's Court Blog Hop?

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If you follow my blog, you'll know that I'm on an elephant streak and with elephants still on my mind, I made this:

Have you ever felt like you're one of a kind? And when you met your significant other, you realize that you don't have to be alone any more? That's what this card is all about. :-)

To make today's card, I used Cosmo Cricket's Social Club cardstock and Lettering Delights' Sweet Nothings SVG set.

I used Make-the-Cut to cut out nine 1.5"x1" elephants (Sweet Nothings SVG) and adhered them to the card base with foam tape. I used Lettering Delights' TXT Longhand font for the sentiment and printed it using Make-the-Cut (see this tutorial to learn how to print with MTC). A hand drawn frame adds a touch of whimsy and completes the card.

 I hope that you've enjoyed my card. Because I can't be in a blog hop without having a giveaway for you all, I am giving away a......

Cosmo Cricket 6" x 6" Mini Deck (Social Club)

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Entries to the giveaway will be accepted from now until Sunday, May 15, 11:59pm PST. The winner will be chosen by RANDOM.ORG and announced on Monday, May 16, 2011.


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  1. Hi Jin!

    LOVE your card! LOVE IT! :)

    I *heart* elephants too. I just bought the Martha Stewart elephant punch last week. I know... I can cut any elephant I want on my cutter, why would I buy a MS punch? I have no idea... there was just something about it, it's like it was calling my name or something. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    Ruthie :)

  2. OMGoodness!!! This is one of the cutest cards EVER!!! My hubby and I use the term MFEO (Made for Each Other) ALL THE TIME! SO in love with this!

    I tend to normally purchase 12x12 paper stacks.

    melissaallore at hotmail dot com

  3. Okay, which machine did you use to cut these darling elephants?? Adorable!!

    I usually purchase the 12x12 paper packs...but have several of the littler ones too! I love the littler ones for quick projects!

  4. This is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!! I LOVE the layout and everything! I'm a new follower!

    I am just beginning to get addicted to 6x6 paper packs...I can feed my paper addiction and it takes up less space, plus they are perfect for cards, and it is a lot easier to cut into a smaller piece of paper than a larger one!

  5. I usually buy 12X12 packs--but I have recently been purchasing more 6X6


  6. What a beautiful collection! I mostly buy cardstock in 8.5 x 11, since that's the size I scrap with.

  7. LOVE THE CARD JIN!!! I'm going to alter it a bit and use it as a birthday card!!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Oh that card is just too stinkin cute! I used to buy 12X12 but I've found that I get more bang for my buck and much less waste with the 8X8 or 6X6...not for the base of course but the other works so well for the embellishments!

  9. Your card is absolutely sooooooo cute. Love the elephants!


  10. I usually go 12x12, but I'll buy any size that strikes my fancy.

    I'm going to try and make this adorable card for my hubby today, so cute!
    kittski @

  11. Jin,

    Loved the card - that would be perfect for anniversary or Valentines day. I buy 12x12 most of the time but for some collections the 6x6 work best.


  12. That is just the sweetest card!

    I usually buy 12 x 12 paper.

    fsclassen at gmail dot com

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  14. OMG!! I love everything about this! Very cute and creative! :)
    I usually buy 6x6 papers..perfect size!

    stylistchick86 at hotamil dot com

  15. Wonderful card! I buy 12 by 12, and I like elephants just fine, but I LOVE peacocks: so if I win, that peacock paper will be put to good use;)

  16. I love those elephants:) I always buy 12x12".
    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.
    Pauline at tinkertoys dot net

  17. I'm impressed with the ease of the hand-drawn border. I can't free hand anything....that's why I get LD to do it all for me and print it off!
    I use solid coloured 8.5 x 11 card stock. Haven't gotten in to using patterned paper. Tried using different solid colour once on the same cut and it ended horrifically, so I'm afraid to try placing smaller pieces of patterned paper. For my patterns I usually use white card stock and fill in the shape with the LD paper packs.

  18. for cardstock I usually buy 8 1/2 x 11, pattern paper I've been buying more 6x6 lately.

  19. Love it...It's a super cute card.


  20. Jin, I love your card and the thought behind it. Afa cardstock, I think I have been buying more 6 x 6 pattern paper, and 8 1/2 X 11 solid stock.
    Love your blog!

  21. this card is sooo adorable.. already a follower! :)
    i usually buy 12x12!
    sweetlilscrapper at hotmail dot ca

  22. I usually buy 12x12 or 6x6. You are so inspiring!! Love your work! pjseagers at hotmail dot com

  23. I am loving this elephant phase you are in! I think I am about to purchase a Silhouette SD all because of you so thank you :) I usually buy 12x12 more bang for the buck!


  24. I Love Elepants I just made an elephant Apron for when you craft so cut, but not as much as your card!! Love it!

  25. I usually by 12x12 Jin. Absolutely adorable deck and I love the elephants. Thank you for sharing your time and talent. Debi

  26. I buy 12x12. That is the cutest card!!


  27. I also buy 12x12 paper, ideal for all that I do. very cute phrase on the card, perfect for Valentines.

  28. your Elephant Card Is so Cute!! Thanks for sharing and Thank You Cosmos Cricket for the awesome Prize!! Oh and I only Buy 12X12 paper..
    ilovetonkinese2 at hotmail dot com

  29. Neat card as always, Jin!

    I buy 12x12 papers, but I've started buying the 8x8 or 6x6 so I can make cards because of the tiny prints.

    Thanks for the chance to win such cute paper! I already follow you & I have Cosmo as my friend.


    Carmen L
    cal8007 at aol dot com

  30. I buy a lot of 6x6 stacks. I love being able to use them for cards and easy matting for scrapbook layouts.

  31. Super cute card! I love the idea of two soul mates finding each other.

    I normally buy 12 X 12

  32. I used to buy 12 x 12 but now I buy 8.5 by 11, unless I know I need it for a background.

  33. WOW your card is gorgeous, unique and adorable. I love it. I buy all sizes of paper. 12x12 for scrapbooking and all other sizes for cards, mini albums, cutting, etc. Thanks for the chance to win.
    krazykcrafters at msn dot com

  34. Love your card!

    I usually buy 12X12...
    I am ALL for the better value of the price.
    But I am running out of room, so I can see why the 6x6 may be better!

  35. What an ADORABLE card! You are just so creative. :o) I usually buy 12 x 12 cardstock so I can use it for more things. Thanks for the chance to win!

    lnorris21 at hotmail dot com

  36. I love this card. It's so cute how you have duplicated all those elephants. I also love the elegant font you have printed around the card......stunning.

    I use 12 x 12 always to place on my cutting mat so if I like the card I have just made I can always make another!

  37. Your card is adorable. I love all the elephants. I have always been a fan of cosmo crikets product. Thanks for sharing!
    Sherrie K

    I useally buy the 12 x 12 cardstock so I can use it for more things. The 6 x 6 are perfect for little mini albums or smaller projects. Love it all!

  38. I'm a follower! I usually buy 12x12, that way I can use it many times over unless, it's used for the main page of a layout. Cute card! jenny.naus at yahoo dot com

  39. This is so cute! I love this paper. I normally buy 12 x 12 but I also like to buy 8 x 8 too. I definitely have more 12 x 12. Hugs- Glora

  40. Jin, you and your elephants, too cute! I wonder sometimes where you get all your wonderful ideas. I usually buy the 12x12 paper. It just seems to be a better value.

  41. What a fantastic card!!!


  42. I buy 12x12!I love my paper! Your card is so cute!I am a follower! Joydee1963 at yahoo dot com

  43. Absolutely ADORABLE!!! I love the two elephants that are made for each other! There's nothing like finding your other half! I usually buy 12x12 paper stacks! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the chance to win!

  44. I like the vintage paper, there is so much you can do with them

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. I buy mostly 12X12 papers. I can always find a creative use for the scraps.

  47. Love, love, love the card! My new favorite is 6x6! I have been buying them up like crazy. They don't cost much and you can get all those cute patterns!

  48. I love elephants too!! Love the card! I usually buy 12 x 12 papers although I have a few 6 x 6 stacks and I never throw away scraps!

    smilesmoore2 atverizon dotnet

  49. For cardstock I usually buy 12x12. I absolutely love your cards, too adorable!!

  50. Such a cute card. Perfect for a two of a kind card. For cards, I like 6X6 and for 12X12 for layouts. TFS and a chance to win.

  51. I love your cards, thank-you for sharing!
    I also appreciate your review of cutters!!

    I buy mostly 6x6 pads.


  52. This is such a cute, cute card! I love the elephants! I usually buy 12 X 12 but would prefer 6X6 for cardmaking.

    Luvscrappingtogether at gmail dot com

  53. I love your card, it is so cute. You are the reason I bought MTC and files from LD. I was nervous because my computer skills are very limited but I have learned so much from you I've made a few things. I usually buy 12x12 unless it's not available then 6x6.

  54. I usually buy 12x12, but I have to admit that I *heart* the 6x6 pads!

  55. Very cute cards! I love elephants!! I usually buy 12x12 pads but I like to have some of the smaller sizes on hand too because they work great for cards and photo mats!
    sweetheartcopper at msn dot com

  56. What a gorgeous card! I love it! I almost always buy 12 x 12, but I do once in a while buy the 6 x 6 also.

  57. Jin
    I am always amazed by your posts!! They look so beautiful!! You need to teach me :) Your card is absolutly adorable, I love elephants too :)
    How do you take your pictures to make them so clean and crisp??
    Big HUGS

  58. Oh sorry I forgot to tell you what size packs I buy mostly with my awe of your blog post, hehehe. normally I buy 12x12 but latley I have been buying 6x6 or mat stacks to save cost and so I can buy more variety.

  59. Love the Elephant card!!! I buy 12x12, 8.5x11 & 4.5x6.5 paper/card stock. I have been tempted by 6x6 & 8x8 but I like the 12x12 as I can usually get more keepable scraps with it :-)

    Jody_M (mtc forum)
    aerynx at gmail dot com

  60. Love this card it is the most adorable thing. I buy a lot of 8.5x11 and sometimes 12x12. I try to keep every little extra piece. I hate to waste!
    Jen H

  61. I usually buy 12x12 stacks. I love all of your clever designs.

  62. I am already a follower of yours...I just LOVE your designs!! I also love Cosmo Cricket, so this hop is perfect!
    As for paper sizes, I go for 12x12 most of the time!
    kladd94803 at aol dot com

  63. Love the elephants. I don't have a paper size fav yet because I just like buying pretty paper.

    scbeck3 (at) cox (dot) net

  64. Love this paper/cardstock. It's really interesting. I primarily use 12x12 b/c I'm never sure how big I want to make a project or cut a border for scrapbooking. 6x6 is generally perfect for cards which I'm getting back into.

    Thanks for all you do for us.

  65. really dig'n the card. i feel that way all the time. love your blog and love for elephants.

    i purchase the 6x6 more. just love all paper.

  66. I love your blog. There is always something great to see. I usually buy 12x12 paper. Once in a while I will buy 6x6. Usually when they have some great full patterns that I can use in a layout instead of covering it in the 12x12 layout.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    I follow you.
    fourkidstwocats at msn dot com

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  68. This card is adorable Love the elephants. I normally use 12x12 stacks and some times Mat stacks. I am a follower.