Tuesday, September 2, 2014

LD Sneak Peek for September 2014

LD has a new "Sneak-Peek-of-the-Month"! The "Nerdy Nummies" line includes a Cut It (SVG), a graphic set, two alphabets (graphics), and a paper pack. "Sneak-Peeks" are only available during the checkout process when you are buying something else (even if you are "buying" the LD freebies!). As an introductory offer, the "Nerdy Nummies" are priced at 50% of the regular price. Great deal!


Click HERE to check it out.

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LD Bonus Freebies for September 2014


Happy Day-after-Labor-Day! The kids are back in school and LD has new bonus freebies for us!


Click on the image(s) below to go to the LD site and add the Charmingly Postcards (printables), and the Hello There Owl graphic and cut its (SVG) to your cart and check out. You pay $0! The links to the downloads will show up once the "transaction" is completed.



There is also a free sample alphabet posted on the LD site. Unlike their usual freebie(s), you cannot checkout with the whole alphabet set to get it for free. Instead, you can only download a word or a phrase. Hence a free alphabet sample. (Hint: Use it to make a free title for your scrapbook page!)


To get your Fall Bounty alphabet sample, click HERE to go to the LD site and click on the Try Me Now tool on the top right corner. Enter a word or a phrase in the text box and the preview box will show you how it looks like in the form of the alphabet. If you like the way it looks, you can get the word/phrase as a free sample by clicking on the Save button. Don't forget to change the image to a higher resolution before starting the download. Note that you can only download the word or phrase that you type in the text box for free. Unlike the usual LD freebies, you will be charged for the alphabet if you try to check out with the entire set in your cart.


In addition to the usual monthly bonus, LD is also giving away their new White after Labor Day graphic set and Cut It (SVG):


Once again, to get your files, just click HERE, add both sets to your cart and checkout.

Have fun playing! :-)

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Jin's gallery


Did you miss any of my projects? Check out my gallery to stay updated! I've just added all my latest cards and papercrafts to my gallery over at abunchofcherries.com and there are now over 600 projects listed on the site! If you are visiting the gallery for the first time, please watch THIS VIDEO to learn how you can use it effectively. Listed under every project is a link to the original post and the files that I used to make the card. To view the gallery as if it is a picture book, just click on one of the thumbnails and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to "flip" the pages.

Click HERE to visit abunchofcherries.com.


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Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Freebies! {plus new Hello Bella Home}



LD has a new collection out that is actually an extension of their Hello Bella set that was released earlier this month. Meet their new Hello Bella HOME. It's beautiful!


Once again, if you are getting the collection, consider buying the bundle instead. It's a better deal and you can even use a coupon on top of that.


The coupon code SoCool will take 30% off any purchase of $10 or more, while the coupon code TreatYourself will take 50% off a purchase of $15 or more.


The LD Great Clearance Sale ends on Sunday. Grab your 50-cents graphic sets, fonts, and alphabets before the offer expires! Buy 30 sets and use the TreatYourself coupon code and you will end up paying only $7.50. That's like paying only 25-cents for a set!


Click HERE to shop the sale and HERE to see my list of 50 Must-Have sets.


There are only 3 more days left to earn the Out of this World collection for free. Click HERE to find out all the details before the promotion ends.

Here is your Friday Freebie:


Click HERE or the image above to go to the LD site. Add the Hello Bella Home paper pack to your cart and checkout. You pay $0.00! The link to the downloads will show up after the "transaction" is completed.

scrapNfonts is a sister site of LD and they too have a freebie to give away. Click HERE to go to their Fontaholic blog and download the Babies First Year Sticker Labels.


Silhouette users, don't forget to grab the weekly freebie from the Silhouette Online (Shape) Store.


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Thursday, August 28, 2014

More ideas for LD's 25-cents graphics {Stickers, Labels, Card}


LD's 50-cents Clearance Sale (or 25-cents w/coupon) ends this Sunday. I have been making a few things with the graphic sets and I thought I would share some ideas with you. If you have not shopped the sale, click HERE to grab your deals before it ends on August 31st. If you feel overwhelmed by the number of sets included in the sale, I can help you narrow down the choices. Just click HERE to see my list of Must-Haves.

Don't forget to use your coupons- the code SoCool will take 30% off any purchase of $10 or more, while the coupon code TreatYourself will take 50% off a purchase of $15 or more. If you buy 30 sets of clearanced (50-cent) files, use the latter code and you'll pay only $7.50 for all of them or only 25-cents each!


1. Scribble Kids graphic set

2. Baby Animal Squares graphic set

3. Scribble Mom graphic set

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chicken Soup!

Funny how I make a ton of cards and yet I have very few "Get Well" cards on hand. When I saw the Chicken Soup graphic set, I knew exactly what to make with it. ;-)

Nothing says "Get Well Soon!" better than some chicken soup. If I can't send the real thing, the least I can do is to send it as a card.

The above picture shows a screenshot of my Silhouette Studio DE (v2.8.16d <==  yes! I'm still using v2!). The shaped card is mostly print-and-cut. In order to add dimension and make it look less flat, I print-and-cut the chicken and the vegetables separately from the background. I adhered all the layers down using foam tape.

Here's the finished card:

Chicken Soup graphics set
Chicken Soup paper pack (discontinued)
TXT Hoopla font 
Eat Your Veggies graphic set

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bring It On! {Panda Ninja}

LD released the Kicks and Giggles collection on the day before we left for our San Francisco vacation. Even though I managed to finish this card while packing our luggage, the sun set before I was able to take a photo. :-(

What's a girl to do? I packed it with my carry-on and brought it along to California. ;-)

No, I didn't managed to take a picture of the card at all while we were on vacation so I ended up bringing it home anyway. Ha! Anyway, here's a screenshot of my Silhouette Studio (DE). The card base was print-and-cut while the Panda Ninja was pieced together with colored cardstock.

Here's the photo that I finally took of the finished card. :-)

Kicks and Giggles Cut Its (SVG)
Kicks and Giggles Paper Pack
Kicks and Giggles Alphabet

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