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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Miss You Alotl, Love you Alotl

One year ago today, the classes in our school district were moved to online. The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the county had increased from 1 to 31 in 6 days. 26 schools in the school district have been affected via direct or indirect exposure to the COVID-19 virus. There was so much that we did not know about the virus then and people were anxious and nervous about sending their kids back to school. School attendance had dropped by 20% and when the Superintendent believed that they could no longer safely open and operate the schools, she moved the lessons online.


Like many parents, I was relieved. Perhaps even a little excited that I get to keep the kids at home. We were told that online school was for two weeks while they monitor the situation but by April, the Governor ordered all schools to be closed for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year.

And so, here we are. Still at home doing Zoom classes a full year later. Like their peers, my kids have missed out on everything that comes with a normal school year -- the in-person classroom experience, dances, field trips, concerts, competitions, marching band, and so much more. Of all the things that they missed, it is their friends that they miss the most.

Don't get me wrong, the kids do still hang out with their friends. It is just that they mostly do it online. Outside of online school, they played Animal Crossing together and now Genshin Impact. They don't meet in person very much but they have dropped off treats and presents at each other's front doors. For the once or twice when they get to see each other in-person, they made sure to mask up, keep a distance, and keep the meeting brief.

Mar 8, 2021. Football practice is finally happening again but the classrooms remain closed.

The school district has recently started to let some student groups back to in-person instruction. School sports are slowly happening again. Most of the students, however, are still doing school via Zoom. No one knows when schools will reopen again for everyone but I know that when they do, my kids will be most happy when they see their friends again. 


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