Friday, February 1, 2013

Let me be your Happy

Here is another card that I made with Love You A Latte. I've been to a lot of coffee places and I noticed that many of the shops have their menus on a chalkboard. I wanted this card to have that chalkboard-ish look so I was pretty excited when I found the Chalk Alphabet on the LD site.

The Chalk Alphabet is made up of graphics of individual letters and characters on their own framed chalkboard. I needed a letter that was more chalkboard and less alphabet. The letter that took up the least room on the chalkboard was the "." character so I downloaded that and deleted the frame as well as the "." by using Photoshop. All that was left was the chalkboard background.

Using Silhouette Studio DE, I printed out the card base and cut out the layers for the mug. Here is a screenshot of the virtual mat:

The frame was extracted from the Greek Thin Font and slightly modified to fit on the A2-sized card front.

Here's the finished card:

There's something about this mug that makes me laugh and I just know that whoever gets this in the mail will be chuckling at it too. :-)

Love You a Latte Cut Its
Chalk Alphabet (chalkboard background)
Greek Thin Font (frame)
LD Mosquito (font)


  1. Jin, I love your card. I'm also interested in the texture of the paper. Are all your pieces print and cut? And if so, what kind of paper is that?

  2. Oh Jin . . . you are smarter than the average bear. This is beyond brilliant and pretty stinkin' cute, too! Thanks for sharing your process. I love coming here to learn something new! XOXO

  3. Love that you can use photoshop. I've been wanting to take a class here at the community college, but haven't been able. Do you know of a good place on line to get an introductory class? I'd appreciate it!!

    Thanks, and love your card!!

    Carmen L

    1. Hi Carmen! I think Jessica Sprague has some PS classes. I've never taken them though.