Monday, February 4, 2013

Archery Party!

Phew! What a weekend! The twins are turning 10 and we celebrated with a birthday party at the archery center last Saturday. The girls have been taking lessons since last Summer and they were excited to share their sport with their friends. 

The party invitations were simple and print-and-cut (but of course! *wink* ). As the cards were irregular-size, I modified an LD template to make envelopes to fit them. I also made matching stickers seals. 

Twin A's current favorite color is Purple while her sister prefer Blue. We decided to go with a Purple and Blue theme for the party. 

Deciding what to use for party favors was fun and easy. I had always wanted to buy the personal size pizza boxes from the Costco Business Center but never had an excuse until now. They were the perfect size for our favors! I printed a large sticker to cover up the vent holes and also printed a note to put inside the boxes. Can anyone guess which LD set I used to make the note? (Click HERE to find out! :-) )

The twins like cupcakes but they love bite-size cream puffs. Using the same LD set, I modified an image and print-and-cut to make arrow toppers in purple and blue.

The dainty little fruit tarts were also very popular. One kid even asked to bring home some with a couple of cream puffs. LOL! Lucky for him, I brought extra empty pizza boxes. They were the perfect size! :D

We had 10 kids join us for the party and all but one had never shoot before. They first got to choose and collect their bows, arrows, and quivers from the equipment room. Some chose to use recurve bows while the others preferred the compound bows. Pictured above are some of the latter.

The kids had a short introductory lesson and they were ready to shoot! All of them did so well even though many were shooting for the first time. I was so proud of all of them! They got to shoot at the target, played shooting games, and shot at balloons. Too much fun!

Time went fast and it wasn't long before the party was done. The youngsters went home grinning and holding their little pizza boxes (I told them they were bringing home the leftover pizzas. heehee. ) and we were all tired out but happy. :-)


Now that the party is over, I can finally start working on the twins' birthday treats for their classmates. Anybody has any ideas for treats for 58 kids, 2 teachers, and a principle?


  1. Super cute Jin. My DD is in the archery club at Ga Tech. Did you just make your own bullseye with concentric circles? What measurements did you use? LOVE the card. I'll definitly have to use that idea.

    1. Thanks, GaTechGal! I found the target from an online search but I had to clean it a little to make it usable in Sil Studio. It took only a couple of minutes to make it into a PNG with a transparent background. I'm sure that I would have taken a longer time to draw one from scratch. :)

  2. Hi Jin, amazing as always!!! For the twins goodie bag treat, how about the IKEA frame with a cut out insert so they can put their own pic in. I actually did this for my daughter's princess birthday and used the princess artwork that you had on your blog. Will post a pic on your FB page since it was inspired by you!