Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine Treats: You're Just My Type

Valentine's Day is now less than a week away. Are you done with making Valentines for the little ones? No? Still looking for ideas? Don't panic yet, it's not too late to start. Over the next few days I will show you a few Valentines that you can make with Lettering Delights' SVG sets. In fact, let's start today with this Pixy Stix Holder.

Using the Programmed for Love SVG set, I imported the robot into Make-the Cut at Actual Size and 72 DPI. By making 2 copies of the Shadow Layer, and welding the two layers with a rectangle, I managed to create a shaped card base. I adhered the robot and the speech bubble to the card base and made two slits on it. To complete the Valentine, I slot a Pixy Stix through the slits.

Here are a few things to note if you are making this:

1. I did not change the size of the robot after importing the SVG but you might want to increase the size a little, say, by a half-inch. This is because the robot's antenna is thin but if you increase the overall size of the image, the antenna might be less likely to tear off while it is being cut by the Cricut.

2. I did emboss the card front and used Stickles to bling up the robot.

3. The sentiment was printed on the speech bubble.

4. You can easily replace the Pixy Stix with a lollipop instead but the robot may not be able to stand.

This robot is so easy to cut out and I only needed to use 4 different colored cardstock (Dark grey, Grey, Black, Red) to cut all the robot's layers out in ONE pass!. If I had not used googly eyes, I would have needed white cardstock as well but I preferred the look of the googly eyes for this project.

If you have not made a shaped card before, you can learn more about it by clicking here to check out my tutorial.


  1. OMG Jin, I am loving your little robot Valentines, and how created them to hold a Pixy Stick!! You are so creative..


  2. Super cute, Jin! You seriously know how to rock the SVGs, girl.

  3. So adorable! I think my son, who is not the sentimental type, would love these for his class. Thanks for the idea!

  4. I just purchased that file too! Great ideas Jin! Thanks!

    Carmen L

  5. Your robot - stole my heart! He is just too cute. Love the googley eyes!

  6. So Cool!! Those are some really cute Valentine's

  7. He is adorable, as are all of your cards. I need to go back to LD to do little more shopping now. . .

  8. So cute. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  9. i am trying to study these techniques, but i have to ask.. how do you weld a shadow layer with a rectangle.. (i.e i want to try the cupcake card) but that one also says it was 2 shadow layers with a rectangle and being a visual person, i am not sure how you would do that.. can you please advise?