Thursday, February 3, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Monsters

Have you downloaded your FREE Monster Love Bundle from Lettering Delights? That's a really good freebie! Thank you, Lettering Delights! If you have not downloaded yours, just click here or the image below to go the Lettering Delights website, add the bundle to your cart and check out. You pay $0!


I'm so happy that the Monsters are now available in SVG format. Do you remember when I had to convert the Monster-licious Graphic set into a cuttable set myself? Click here to see the Monster-licious post I made last June when I made these puppets for my baby from the Monster-licious Graphic Set.

I absolutely love that the bundle includes both the SVG and the Paper Pack. It is so convenient to not have to dig through my own mountain of cardstock to find a few pages that co-ordinate. 

Has everybody made something with the free bundle? I really wanted to play with the Monster Love SVG and also, since I have not cut out a milk carton before, I thought that this was a great time to try making one too. If you've ever wondered how the Lettering Delights Milk Carton SVG set look like, wonder no more because I have cut out all 5 designs for you.

They're so cute, aren't they? I used the Make-the-Cut program to cut them out with my Cricut Expression. The main difference between the cartons is the unique design on the flaps. There is also one that has a window. Here's a tip if you have this set: Personally, I prefer to score the fold lines with my Scor-Pal rather than use the score lines that comes with the SVG. In Make-the-Cut, I use CTRL+B to break the whole image, then delete away all the score lines. I do cut one carton out with the score lines first to use it as a sample and I use that sample to figure out where the score lines should be. I score and crease the cutouts first before putting the box together with tape.

By the way, as I have mentioned before in this tutorial, Lettering Delights' SVGs are supposed to be imported at Actual Size and 72 DPI. If the resulting image sits a little over on the no-cut zone, just offset the paper like I showed you in this post.
I wanted a smaller carton so I reduced the imported image by 10%. That also meant that if I wanted to put monster labels on the milk carton, I had to make them small enough to fit on the box. Want to see how small these monsters turned out? Here's a picture:

Each monster measures approximaetly 1.5" x 0.75" ! They're so tiny! They're also very cute too. Even my 5 year old said so and knowing how much she freaks out at the slightest mention of "Monsters",  well, that tells a lot. ;-)

Here are the three little monsters playing Ring Around The Rosy:

I stuck the finished monsters over a strip of ribbon that I had pre-attached to the milk carton and filled it with chocolate hearts. I completed the project by closing the top of the box with some twine.

So there you go, that's one more idea for Valentine's Day treats for the little monsters kiddies in your life. ;-) 

Happy Cutting!


  1. Love the milk cartons (yummy paper!!) and their little matching monsters playing ring around the rosy... LOL ;-)
    Your projects are always so fresh and colorful! :-D

  2. You can tell you put a lot of effort in your projects! They are absolutely adorable! TFS!

  3. WOW! Your tiny monsters are amazing!

  4. Lovin' those little monsters! I've downloaded the set just haven't gotten to cutting them yet. My daughter was actually afraid when I showed her a pic of the striped one, but she likes the others. They look great on your milk cartons!

  5. love your monsters - I had to go download them! I will try making them this weekend with my boys.
    I noticed you don't like to cut the score lines - I don't like to either! One thing I have done is use an Embosser tool in my Cricut to score the lines. I just put the score lines on a different layer and then replace the blade with the embosser tool (don't need the embosser mat for the scorelines)

  6. HAHA you are in love with the monsters :) . The milk cartons look AWESOME!