Thursday, November 1, 2012


I had mentioned in Monday's video that I would show on the blog, what I made with the traced squirrel.  Well, here they are. I made some shaped cards very quickly with it. :)

I made today's card in the same way that I had illustrated in last week's Shaped Card Tutorial. Once the card base have been made, just cut both layers out and adhere the printed layer over the base.

By the way, the squirrel is an image from the Mommy and Me graphic set. Since it is a graphic, you can make this card using the free Silhouette Studio program that came with your cutter. You DO NOT need to have the Designer Edition upgrade to make today's squirrel card. 

If you are new to Silhouette Studio, I hope that you'll try to make some of these shaped cards. They are very easy to make and also a good practice on your software. If you had missed it before, click HERE to see my Shaped Card video tutorial.

Have fun cutting!


  1. adorable!! Thanks for sharing the steps!

  2. So cute! I wish I had a Cameo and the Studio software. MTC can be so frustrating when trying to do projects like this and it's too bad because they're so much fun!