Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monster Lights (and why I didn't have a project post on Monday)

Sunday night:

We have just finished watching The Amazing Race and I was hanging around in the family room.

"Hey, are we watching The Good Wife?",  I asked Hubby, the resident Tivo expert.

"Don't you have to work on your blog post?"

"It's an easy one tonight." I bragged. "I have it all planned out and I can finish it really quickly."

I was feeling smug. It is not often that I have a quick project that does not need a ton of photos but tonight, my post was going to be simple. Hubby decided that he wanted to finish something he was working on and offered to let me use the 30 minutes to make my blog post before watching Alicia Florrick take on the British court. 

"Okay!" I chirped and happily skipped to my craft room.

I flipped opened the laptop and went onto the Lettering Delights website. I logged in and downloaded the set that I had been wanting to work on since last Thursday when it was released. I pondered for a moment and instead of starting up Make-the-Cut, I clicked on the Silhouette Studio icon.

It has been a few weeks since I bought the upgrade and tonight's project was a good excuse to give the program a test drive. The Designer Edition is supposed to import SVG files. Let's see if it can read LD's SVGs. 

I clicked Open and smiled when I pulled down on Files of Type and saw SVG. I quickly located my files and brought 3 monsters onto the virtual mat.

Instead of cutting out all the layers, I did a print-and-cut (pnc). It was especially easy to pnc since the LD svgs already come embedded with colors. I printed the monsters onto a sheet of printable vinyl and placed that onto the cutting mat.

My Silhouette SD quickly did what it does best and in no time, all the cuts were done. Pleased with my work, I proudly walked into the kitchen and.....


I screamed.

"No. No. NO!!!"

Hubby looked up and laughed when I pointed to this:

"CRAP!! I forgot we changed out the switches!!".

I cannot believe it! How could I have forgotten? We changed out all our switches when we moved into this house almost 5 years ago! My amazing quick blog post had hit a major speed bump that I cannot complete. No pit stop for me tonight and no project post for my Monday readers. Urgh!!

Wait a minute........ so what did that light switch had to do with my project? Well, perhaps this picture may help..

or this...

or this:

Thanks to my friend Judy, who very kindly allowed me to stick monsters all over her house today, I finally have pictures of what the Lettering Delights Monster Lights Cut Its are all about. 

They are light switch covers!!! And they are absolutely perfect for Halloween.

If you have the right style of switches.


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  1. OMG, I am rolling and tears are running laughing at you FREAKING OUT over simple lightswitches!!!

    Hey, we have those same kind in our home as well, so, I guess I'd have to borrow someone else's lightswitches as well.

    Thank you for the laugh, Jin!! VERY cute covers!!

    Oh, and there's an UPDATED version of Silhouette Studio--2.2 is the latest and greatest.


    is the website.

  2. LOL! Glad I made you laugh, Jann! Thanks for the info on the update! :)

  3. Jin you are so funny. I love to come to your blog and read. You just have a knack for saying the right things. Sorry your covers did not work for your house but they are cute ne way. O yeah and I have those same light covers. Go figure. I am sure you will come up with a way to alter them to fit your needs. And I love Silhouette Designer series.

  4. The more I see how great the silhoutte is the more I want one! Cute project Jin!


  5. Great post today Jin and thanks for explaining what the file is meant to be used for. I love them and hopefully my children will now remember to turn the light switch OFF instead of leaving them ON all the time with these fun images....kids!

  6. Jin, you're so funny! Glad you have compliant neighbors LOL. You mentioned the upgrade to the Sil, is that a free upgrade or do I have to dish out some mula? Thanks for all the fun things you post.

    Carmen L
    cal8007 at aol dot com

  7. Hey Carmen, the Designer Edition is a $49 upgrade. :)

  8. Cute light switches. Unfortunately we have the same switches you do.

  9. I think it took until the third time I looked at this set that I realized what they were for:-) cute project and funny story!!

  10. I love your post and the light switch covers are so cute..

  11. Super cute story! Glad your friend let her borrow her house! :)

  12. LOL!!! That is something that would have totally happened to me! Except I would have walked across the driveway at 11pm at night and knocked my besties back door. (Actually, I would have called her first, then gone over) We're good like that. :)