Saturday, March 13, 2010

3 Toadstools and a frog


 I finally had a chance to work on a card today. The images used are not from any Cricut cartridges. Remember the scrapNfonts $1 sale? The frog and toadstools are from the DB Forest Friends font that I mentioned in my previous post.


The sentiment was printed using MS Word. I used the SNFInfinity font that I also bought for a buck. I really like this font a lot and I'm pretty sure that it's one that I will use often.

I used MTC to cut out all images as well as the tri-fold card. Chalk was applied to the card front.

 I hope that you also had a chance to be  creative today.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend! :-)


  1. that is adorable! Loving the 'shrooms!

  2. So cute!! I am so glad you're being all crafty again.

  3. Cute, cute card! I'm with you...I love that font and dingbat file. I ordered both. If you wouldn't mind, could you tell me how you got the sculpted front for your card. I've played in MTC but can't figure it out. It is such a versatile idea. Thanks.

  4. Thanks joeygirl86 and gale. :-)

    Sally, the idea behind the card front is similar to what I did for the lambie card (feb 26 post). I made a shadow layer of the main images and welded that with a short rectangle to make the card front. Then I welded the whole thing with another longer rectangle to form the card base. Note that the width of the 2nd rectangle is twice that of the card front as I had intended for it to be a tri-fold card. Hope that helps. :-)