Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Girl from Asia

So Lettering Delights is coming out with new Simple Shapes. I loved last year's Simple Shapes bundle and I am impatiently waiting for this year's new shapes. From what I've seen, the new bundle is going to be AWESOME. I can't wait until they are live on the LD site!

Even though I find it hard to pick a favorite set from last year's Simple Shapes (they are all so versatile!), I have to say that I find myself wanting to use the Asia set all the time. Perhaps it is because I am Asian but then again, it could also be that Asia is the first set in the bundle. It is always the first to show up when I click on the Simple Shapes bundle!

Of all the Asian-inspired designs in the Asia set, I think my favorite are the two dolls. I've long wanted to convert those SVGs into not-so-simple shapes for paper-piecing and I finally got a chance to do exactly that with one of the dolls.

I modified the 2nd doll in the set and this is how the layers look like after I made some adjustments to the original svg:

I made the doll's face larger and made separate layers for her body and hair. 

Hubby thinks that the new doll looks like an Asian Matryoshka doll but I told him that the Asian doll had put on some weight. Haha!

After cutting and assembling the doll, I used it to make a quick notecard. I bought the Basic Grey Konnichiwa papers some time ago and I'm so happy that I finally remembered to use them! I think that they go so perfectly with this doll.

So that's it! Doesn't my doll look purty? :D Now that I've modified one doll, I really should get started on the other. I'll show you when I get that done. *wink*


  1. How did you break apart the pieces? What software did you use?

    1. Make-the-Cut is great for this!

  2. How cute! I want to know the same thing-how do you make it?