Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dear Tooth Fairy

Have you seen the new stuff that Lettering Delights released today? I laughed when I first saw the Dear Tooth Fairy sets! As soon as I had a chance, I downloaded and cut some out with my Cameo.

I am not a scrapbooker but the tooth fairies in this set almost make me want to start a scrapbook. I have so many pictures of the twins when they lost their first teeth! The graphics and cut files from this collection would be so perfect for a page.

If you have not seen the Dear Tooth Fairy printables, you MUST click here to take a look. The notes are hilarious! Wish my twins' tooth fairy had left these clever messages instead of her boring tooth fairy certificates.

By the way, apparently the LD Tooth Fairy also leaves her tooth money in a super cute matchbox. I can't believe how lame my twins' tooth fairy is! Did you know that she not only carelessly shoves a dollar under the pillow, sometimes she even drops it under the bed! *gasp*

My two 3rd graders only have one or two baby teeth left to lose and they are probably stuck with their lazy tooth fairy anyway. Luckily, their little sister is just about to start losing her baby teeth. Maybe if we wish hard enough, she'll get the LD Tooth Fairy instead. 

In fact, something in the air is telling me that she just might. *wink*


edit (jan 7):

The Dear Tooth Fairy Cut It set was used for everything shown above except for the notes which are from the Dear Tooth Fairy Printables.


  1. So cute!!! Love the tooth fairy set!

  2. You make that product look amazing!

  3. Too cute! I love the stuff you find - but especially what you do with it! This Tooth Fairy set almost makes me wish my kids were itty bitty and hadn't lost any teeth yet... ALMOST... :)

  4. Jin,

    I have a question, when I opened the matchbox in the studio it was a pretty BIG size! (about 18" tall!!) I reduced the size and traced the lines but I couldn't avoid getting some of the instructions on the way, did you use use the eraser tool or do you have another way to trace the match box in a more neatly (and easier) way?

    My DD has THREE teeth that are about to fall out, so THIS tooth fairy needs to get to work lol. What a cute cute set.


    Ceci V.

  5. Hi Ceci! :)

    Did you get the Cut It set? I had cut out the matchbox from the SVG (Cut Its) using MTC but I checked and it will import fine into Sil Studio too. I only used the printable files for the notes just because they are so funny.

    Jin :)

  6. No, it says sn-(file name) I didn't seethe cut it set :( I think I bought the wrong one then, boo!!

    Off to find the cut it set, that would make sense, lol.

    Otherwise, what size would you recommend me I resize it to? Because I could do the trace option and get it cut that way.

  7. I'm curious what size you cut the files? I'm making some of the boxes and the fairy as well.