Monday, January 24, 2011

Tickled Pink!

Happy New Week, everyone! Here's a quick card to start your week:

Who said that a penguin has to be black and white? I've never heard of anyone tickling a penguin but I wonder if it'll turn pink when it gets tickled? 

Something to think about, eh? ;-)

P.S. The penguin is from the Eskimo Kisses SVG set while the font is LDJ Keep Me Posted. And yes, I did print the sentiment out. To learn how to print text from Make-the-Cut, just click here.


  1. Toooo Cute Jin,

    I can hear hime giggling all the way from the Artic. GG

  2. This reminds me of the book, "Rainbow Rob." He's a penguin who wants to be a different color! It's a cute book, and this is an adorable card!

  3. Pink penguins are much cuter! Love your card!

  4. Adorable!! When we first got...some animal cart my dd made the penguin in pink.

  5. I love the pink it is adorable. I am new at this so might try to make this once I pick up a bit more practice. I am learning so much from your site, thanks.