Monday, January 14, 2013

Saving all my love for you

Recent talks about a trillion-dollar coin got me thinking about money. Which got me to think about saving some. That got me to look for a piggy bank. Specifically an SVG of a piggy bank.

I know, the mind works in a curiously strange yet wonderful way. From a trillion-dollar coin to a piggy bank. Go figure.


Did you know that there is currently no piggy bank cutting file on the LD site? (Hey LD, are you listening? Hint. Hint.) There is this:

It is a graphic and even though it was the exact piggy I was looking for, it wasn't an SVG and I wasn't keen to do a trace on this very textured image. So I did the next best thing- I went looking for a jar and thankfully, found lots of canning jars at LD.

And so that was how today's card came about. I made a slight modification to the file by creating a slit in the "lid" (using Internal Offset):

I also cut an additional top layer by using acetate to give a "glassy" look.

Using print-and-cut for the little tag would result in a huge waste of paper so I used my old-fashioned "stick-the-cutout-over-a-pre-printed-paper" method* to get the sentiment on the tag.

*print the sentiment on printer paper. Cut the tag separately from a plain cardstock. Stick the tag over the printed sentiment and place the page back into the printer. Print the sentiment again and onto the tag."

I cut out some hearts and layered everything together and Voila! The card is done. :-)

Here is the screenshot from my virtual mat in Silhouette Studio and it shows all the layers that I used for this card:

And here's the finished card:

While the White House will not be getting a trillion-dollar coin anytime soon, someone I know will be getting a jar of hearts.

And he better treat it like a trillion bucks.

(edited Jan 14)


jar: All Bottled Up cut its
tag: Holiday Gift Giving cut its
heart: Great Scott It's Love cut its
sentiment: LD Blankie font


  1. Oh my goodness Jin this is adorable!

  2. WOW this just knocked my socks off!!! Love it!

  3. this is just soooo cute! you are the queen of cute :)

  4. I love this card! Thanks for sharing

  5. Jin, can you please tell me what type of adhesive you used to adhere the clear acetate over the hearts. This card is adorable!

  6. Wow... another perfection! Happy Valentines day!