Monday, March 17, 2014

Your Friendship is a pot of GOLD {St. Patrick's Day}

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

My girls and I were busy yesterday. We put together some goodie bags for their schoolmates.

All 90 of them!

Lots and lots of chocolate coins!

You guys know how much I love to print-and-cut. Seriously, when you have to make as many goodie bags as often as I do, print-and-cut is a lifesaver! As much as I love to paper-piece, I can't imagine having to layer papers together for that many kids. Those of you who actually assemble that many cutouts have my deepest admiration!

Using Silhouette Studio DE and files from LD and Kimberly Geswein, I came up with these tags. I just love the shape of the tag and those arrows are awesome! What to know what else is awesome? They are free! The links are at the end of this post.

The girls were thrilled and excitedly brought all 90 bags to surprise their friends in school this morning while I'm just happy that I got to play (with my Cameo).

Hope the kids like them.

Files used:
Mean and Grrreen graphic set (pot of gold)
Noah's Ark graphic set (rainbow)
LD Hipster Child (font)
KG Flavor and Frames two (arrows)
KG Flavor and Frames three (tag)


  1. Jin, How does a consumer know if a free font is "safe" to download? I have been afraid to try using websites like dafont. Thank you for your thoughts on this matter.

    1. In my opinion, downloading files from any site carries some kind of risks and so I usually only download from sites that have been recommended by others. While I can't say about the other free font sites, I have been downloading files from dafont for many years and thankfully, I have not had any issues yet.

    2. Thank you! Out of curiosity, approximately how many fonts do you have loaded into your Silhouette software? I am worried about clogging it up and making it run slowly every time I open it.

  2. Wow Jin! Even with print and cut, that's a lot of goodie bags! They look great!

    1. Thanks, Cindy! I made the kids help out in the packing so it didn't take that long to put the bags together. The chocolates went really fast though. :)

  3. Hi Jin! Yes you do a lot of print'n cut! And because you do, I am wondering what kind of printer you use and if you have a continuous ink supply system, (CIS)? I know I have an Epson CX8400 and while I would love to do print'n cuts, purchasing the ink cartridges would "break" me! I am thinking that when this printer "dies", I might buy one and get an CIS system! I hear they save lots of $$$! (No, I am not selling CIS systems! LOL!)