Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crazy for Pop-Ups!

I've been blaming Andy for a lot of things lately. He is the reason that I haven't been able to get any chores done and Hubby has been buying takeouts. I'm referring to Andy, the developer of Make-the-Cut (MTC).

Yes, that Andy.

I recall that when he first released Make-the-Cut (4 years ago!), I went gaga over it and couldn't stop making shaped cards. Last Saturday Andy set his new Pop-up Card Studio (PCS) upon us and I haven't been able to focus on anything but pop-up cards since.

As soon as I heard about the new software, I went to the PCS website and downloaded the free trial immediately. I expected it to look similar to MTC and I was taken aback when I saw that it wasn't so. In fact, I was pretty intimidated by it. Thankfully, the Learning Center on the PCS site pointed to some very helpful video tutorials and after watching a couple of those, I felt confident enough to make my own PCS card.

My first (test) print-and-cut PCS cards

The PCS website shows some examples of traditional pop-up cards that can be made with the program but I wanted to try something different. I'm a huge fan of print-and-cut and I really wanted to apply that idea in a pop-up card. Can PCS help me do that?

By exporting the PCS pop-up template as an SVG, I managed to open the file in Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. I added the colored graphic images to the card, and print-and-cut that out using my Cameo.

Pop-up Card Studio has made it so ridiculously easy to make pop-up cards that I just can't stop playing with it. There is still a lot I have to learn about the program but I am excited that I can now easily add a new twist to my cards.

A pop-up Princess Party Invitation card.

Just add party details to the green "grass" area.

Pop-up Card Studio retails for $79.95 but owners of Make-the-Cut can use their MTC registration key as a coupon code to take 15% off. That brings the price down to just under $68. If you like or are into making pop-up cards, you must give this software a try. It takes the tedious out of pop-ups so that we have more time to make even more fun stuff!

Click HERE for more info on the Pop-up Card Studio and to download your free trial.


LD Files used:
Dog: Great Scott It's Love Cut Set (SVG included)
Chinese character for "Fortune": Chinese Xingfu Cut Set (SVG included)
Birthday party: Party On Cut Set (SVG included)
Only have eyes for you: You and Me Cut Set (SVG included)
Be Mine: Seasoned Love Cut Set (SVG included)
Rainbow: Harajuku Girls Cut Set (SVG included)
Castle:  Once Upon a Time Cut Set (SVG included)


  1. Jin...what printer do you use? My printer NEVER prints as perfect as yours :( your creations are ALWAYS beautiful! I LOVE the Princess invite!

    1. You are soooo amazing! I am in LOVE with your Princess invite!!!

  2. This software looks like so much fun. Just wish it came in a Mac version. I will NEVER give up my Mac! Especially since my Silhouette and Mac play so nicely together.

  3. Oh Snap........
    Jin, you are the reason I have {almost} every LD set.
    Now, I want you to know, you will be responsible for me bugging hubby dude, that "I NEED" this.
    Thank you
    {but that doesn't go for hubby dude, LOL}

  4. Is it really that easy to use? I do know how to make pop up cards, so is this a LOT quicker? I'm just trying to justify spending more money (not to me, to DH. Hmm.. maybe I could tell him I'd make some money selling pop up cards LOL). Thanks for letting us know about the coupon code, I wasn't aware of it and it might make my decision a little easier! Guess I'll go try it out! BTW I love your cards!