The Make-the-Cut (MTC) software is compatible with many electronic cutters. In an effort to help other crafters find the right electronic cutters that fit their crafting needs, many MTC users have helped to review several popular electronic cutters that are supported by MTC. These include the following:

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If you use any of the cutters mentioned on this page, you are welcome to enter your review in the COMMENT section of that cutter's page.


I have personally bought and reviewed 3 cutters. I paid for the Silhouette SD, BossKut Gazelle, and the Black Cat Lynx with my own funds. (Update: NEW! Silhouette Cameo added below). These cutters were not sponsored nor did I get any preferential treatment from the sellers. In fact, none of the sellers except the Black Cat dealer knew that I was buying the cutters for the purpose of reviewing it. I appreciate that despite knowing my intentions, the Black Cat dealer did not attempt to influence me in my reviews. Silhouette America and BossKut did not have any prior knowledge of my intentions.

These reviews are my personal opinion. I had no prior experience with these cutters. These reviews document my personal experiences with these cutters as a first-time user. 

UPDATE (Oct 2011): I just bought the Silhouette Cameo (with my own funds, not sponsored) and I've included my reviews of it below:

4. My Silhouette Cameo Review

Part 0: Coming Soon: the Silhouette Cameo Review
Part 1: the Unboxing
Part 2: the First Cut
Part 3: How to Cut with Make-the-Cut
(part 3a: How to install the Silhouette Cameo driver)

Part 4: How to Print-and-Cut with Silhouette Studio.

Extra: The smallest cut.

3. My Black Cat Lynx Review

Part 1: The Unboxing
Part 2: First Impressions
Part 3: CONCLUSION: The Machine Speaks


2. My Gazelle Reviews:

Part 1: The Unboxing
Part 2: First Impressions
Part 3: How to Cut with Make-the-Cut
Part 4: Conclusion

1. My Silhouette SD Reviews:
(Update: please note that the Silhouette SD has been discontinued by Silhouette America and replaced with the Silhouette Cameo.)

Part 1: The Unboxing
Part 2: Print-and-Cut with Silhouette Studio program
Part 3: Cutting with Make-the-Cut
Part 4: Cutting Different Weight Papers
Part 5: Conclusion
Extra video