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The Klic-N-Kut die cutters

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KNK Groove e 13” : $599.99
KNK Maxx 15” $960.00
KNK Maxx 24” $1,199.00


The following retailer review was contributed by Sandy McCauley. Sandy sells the Klic-N-Kut machines through her website . Thank you, Sandy, for taking the time to share information on the Klic-N-Kut machines with us!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any retailer of electronic cutters.

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Accugraphic Sales offers a range of cutting machines with the most popular being the Klic-N-Kut Maxx (15” and 24”) and the Groove-e (13”). These were first introduced in December 2008, although the original lower-force Klic-N-Kuts were first introduced in 2006. To see a comparison chart of both the original and the latest models, please go to this link: Note that the newer models will cut from MTC, however our original models will not... yet. : )

The Maxx and Groove-E models come with KNK Studio software, a function rich program that offers the ability to design and trace most anything. I have made over 100 free videos to teach owners how to do everything from set up their KNK’s to design a mud puddle! : ) This is in addition to the tutorials, user manuals, and more that are all available at the Support tab at my site:

All three models have the same maximum cutting force and speed. They also have a fully adjustable blade holder seat which allows users to insert other brands of bladeholders, engraving and embossing tools, and even pens. The Maxx has a built-in laser light used for print and cut registration. The Groove-E comes with an equally-accurate alignment pin that is inserted into a small hole next to the blade holder. Both the laser and the alignment pin use the same 3 point registration method built into KNK Studio which compensates for printer stretch and/or crooked alignment of the paper on the mat. To see photos of what the KNK’s can cut, please click on the individual photo albums at this link:

The KNK’s ship with bolt-on flat bed tables, test pen with 2 inserts, blade holder, blades, cutting mat, 100+ page user manual, USB and serial cables, and power cord. The Maxx models also come with a ~$300 bonus package of extra accessories and materials.

Accugraphic Sales, located in Apopka Florida, has been in business for over 25 years and offers a fully equipped support and repair facility with experienced personnel. Also, there are independent KNK dealers in the USA, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. To view the KNK’s, please visit Accugraphic’s web site at this link:
I offer additional free videos and phone/VNC training to my own customers. My current specials are listed here:

What do you like about the machine?
Just about everything, but specifically the power and the ability to control the speed from VERY slow to insanely fast! Our original KNK's were still quite fast on the slowest speed. But on the newer models, when you set it to the lowest speed, it cuts at a snail's pace and that can be very important when carving your way through extremely dense materials.

Does it cut vinyl and chipboard?
Yes, to both. Now with chipboard, you have to realize that not one piece is like the next. So, some will cut easily in one pass.... others will require multiple passes. And you won't ever be able to cut really small intricate items from thick chipboard.

What do you, as the end-user, think about the pros and cons of the machine?The Pros are definitely in its power, speed and flexibility. I love the cutting mats that come with the Maxx. They are twice as thick as the Cricut mats and stand up to a LOT of use and abuse! They are also quite large: 14 x 24, but you can also buy 13 x 13 and 24 x 28 (for use with the 24" Maxx).

The only Con would be portability. With the flatbeds attached, I can still physically move my 15" Maxx and put in the back seat of my car, but at most crops, it still takes up too much room for the typical allotted space. So, I don't take it with me. The 24" Maxx is too heavy and large for me to lift with the flatbeds attached.

Is it too slow?No, it's perfect.

Is it too fast?
No, again, it's perfect. The only time I use the highest speed is when coloring in an image or lettering with a pen or marker. Then I want it to be really fast so that the coloring goes faster. That takes much longer than just doing an outline of an image.

What don't you like about it?Nothing!

Would you recommend it?
Absolutely! I've recommended it to hundreds of customers over the course of the past few years.

How expensive are the mats and blades?
A 14 x 24 mat is $12.99. The blades are $13.99, although the fabric blade is a bit more... $14.99.

Are they hard to find?You must order them from one our dealers. Although in a pinch, our bladeholder can use the Cricut blades. They just don't typically last as long. You can use other substitutes for the mats, as well. Although, again, I really like the thickness and durability of the Maxx mats.

Sandy McCauley

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Thank you, Sandy, for all the information.

Everyone, if you are using this machine, please add your own review to the COMMENTS section below.

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  1. I am looking forward to the "yet" part for older KNK models. I have a KNK Element that I have never used because the software it came with was intimidating. With the recent happenings however, I am hoping to figure out how to use my KNK Element. And if it can/could/would work with MTC that would be awesome! I am loving all the svgs I keep finding on-line and I want to be able to cut them. Thanks Jin for taking the time to do this. :)

  2. I have a 24" KNK MAXX. I love it! I originally had the blue wishblade, which I do still own, but upgraded to the original 24" KNK cutter. It was great, but when the MAXX came out I got a great deal to upgrade to it and decided to go for it to get the little bit of extra "oomph" for cutting chipboard, posterboard, and acrylic.

    It's a workhorse of a machine, but cuts tiny delicate things very quickly, and very accurately too!

    What can I say? I'm pleased as punch that I have this machine.

  3. I have a 15" KNK MAXX. When I first entered the "cutter world", I bought the KNK Element. Then upgraded to a 15" KNK, and then bought the 15" KNK MAXX when it came out. I purchased my KNK from Sandy, and have always had excellent customer service. There is a KNK Yahoo Group that is comprised of an amazing group of people that are anxious to help each other and share new ideas. I love my KNK! I often cut delicate designs, as I favor the "swoosh" and "bling" designs. I've always been able to cut exactly what I needed without frustration.

    If you are looking to buy another cutter, please take the time to investigate the KNK. Sandy McCauley is a great resource and extremely helpful and knowledgeable! In fact, the entire KNK family will support your decision and help you in any way they can! But, beware! The KNK is very addicting!

  4. I started out with a Silhouette which I loved, but within just weeks realized wasn't large enough or powerful enough to do all I wanted to try, so I upgraded to a KNK Groove-E. The learning curve on the Groove is much steeper, but it can do SO much more than other die cutters. You can design and create nearly anything. And it can cut from vinyl to chipboard. It's an amazing machine. I'd like to put in a word for Sandy too. She's the best! She's one of the distributors and her follow-up help can't be beat. Sandy answers every email personally and will work with you until the question is answered or the problem is solved. She's a lot of fun too!

  5. I have the KNK Element. It is the only electronic cutter I have ever owned. It has been a wonderful machine for me. The software was easy to learn and even easier when I viewed some of Sandy's videos. If I were to sell this machine it would only be to upgrade to a newer and bigger cutter. Once I sell enough of my die cuts and files, I'm looking to get the Groove-E.

  6. Like others, I started with the blue Wishblade, progressed to the Silhouette and Cricut and then bought my first KNK. Since then I have expanded to the Groove-e, 15" Maxx and the 24" Maxx. I love my machines! I usually use them for cutting vinyl and rhinestone material, but still do scrapbooking and card making also.
    Sandy is phenominal when it comes to customer service and help. She evens teaches at retreats for KNK owners.
    There is so much the KNK machines can do! The best of all the other cutters put into one machine. Being able to use MTC or SCAL will oly make it better.

  7. I researched long and hard before I bought my KNK 24" Maxx digital cutter. My initial preference was to have been the Slice before it became available because at that time, you would not need cartridges. But lo and behold, "they" decided they could milk more out of the owners by changing it to needing cartridges. So my search began anew. My next choice was going to be the Silhouette and in doing some searching for information about it I stumbled upon a comparison chart of all the electronic die cutters on the market and after much comparison, I chose the KNK Maxx. you can do so much more with it than the other machines. You DO NOT NEED cartridges! You can cut any file, any pdf image, nearly ANYTHING! Some images require some tweaking, but some can be cut as is. Yes, you need to learn the software and I am still doing that. I found a wonderful in Sandy McCauley who knows the software inside and out and is very eager to share her knowledge with everyone. She has some videos for sale but she is very generous with her information and gives free guidance. She also holds weekend retreats where one gets indepth knowledge of the software and machines and you get a lot of hands on training.

  8. I now have the KNK Maxx 24, and love it. I started out with the very first KNK, (yellow) upgraded to a white 15 inch, then up to the Maxx 24. It's AWESOME! I love the mats, and always keep 2 new mats on hand, But I am still using the one that came with the machine. The mats last for a very long time, as you set the blade not to cut into the mats. Sandy has been the best at keeping us up to date with any new information she finds out about the software. I'm not the best at the computer stuff,
    But the KNK software is really easy to learn the basics. and once you get that down, you can learn how to trace your own files and never need to buy files again.

  9. I own the 15" KlicNKut XL and I love it! I started out thinking I wanted a Cricut. But my husband convinced me that I needed a machine that would cut any images from our computer instead of using cartridges and that would have the force to cut a wider range of materials. When I started researching that type of machine, the KlicNKut seemed to be the clear winner. And I've had to admit that he was right once again. HA! The manual for these machines is very clear and informative. And Sandy's videos have made learning the machine SO much easier. I actually bought my cutter to cut paper projects. But I later discovered vinyl and that's where I went crazy. I now have word phrases all over my walls. I've made designs for our car and for friends' cars. I've made templates for glass etching. The ideas are endless! The more I use my cutter, the more uses I find for it and it has performed flawlessly for everything I've tried to do with it. Any problem I've ever had has been quickly solved by the helpful community of users or by Sandy McCauley from whom I purchased the cutter. I would highly recommend the KlicNKut to anyone. Just be careful about letting your husband play with it as my husband now uses it as much as I do! Everything in his workshop is now labeled and he has the snazziest remote controlled airplanes around.

  10. I am the proud owner of a 24" klic n cut Maxx. I first purchased a klic n kut XL three years ago. I liked it so much that I upgraded it to Maxx about a year and a half ago.

    The Maxx machine is a well- built, sturdy machine. It is constructed solidly with mostly metal materials rather than plastic.

    I am an honest reviewer so I will give you the pros and cons of this machine.


    Superior service. The people who sell the machines not only stand behind them but go out of their way to make videos, write tutorials, and teach you how to get the most out of your machine, regardless of whether you are a beginner or you are advanced.

    2. The company who sells the machines are based in the U.S. And have been in business for over twenty years. If something goes wrong with the machine, they have on site ability to repair the machine. This is important if you end up out of warranty and something goes wrong.

    3. The software is fantastic. It is a very powerful program with a lot of great features. There is a learning curve, but the software is worth taking the time to learn. The software has a feature that makes scanning raster images into vector a breeze. I have been able to trace low quality images off of the web. The node editing capabilities are easy to learn. I have used various vector based programs such as Corel draw, Illustrator, and other sign-making programs. KNK studio allows you to edit segments, rather than nodes, which is much easier for me. You can also change line types into dashes, which is great for making score lines in objects. You can also select objects on your mat based on color, which is also helpful.

    4. You can cut a variety of materials. Recently I cut a flexible cutting mat, which is thicker than a cricut mat. It took about five passes, but it worked like a charm. You can cut chipboard, magnetic material, fabric, vellum, vinyl, and most things you can put in a die cut machine.

    5. You can use a variety of materials to cut, engrave, pounce and draw. I can stick a sharpie marker in the holder if I want.

    6. It has laser pointer for registration and to help with an accurate print and cut.


    It is huge. I wouldn't take my machine to a crop.

    2. Does not import .svg files at this time. However, Andy from Make the cut is working on a plug in specifically for the KNK machines. Since he is constantly updating and improving his software, I think his software will fill the gaps that knk studio software has. Make the Cut will work with the black cat drivers on the newer machines.

    3. For me personally, I have had difficulty getting a decent print and cut. It could be my printer or user error, but I got frustrated with it. I ended up picking up a silhouette which solves the problem for me. When I do use the knk for print and cut, I do the reverse method where I cut the item first and then run it through my printer with repositional glue.

    4. This is a biggie for me: it does not work with Mac. The silhouette does and the expression does (through Sure Cuts a Lot) so I have to use a windows emulator to use knk software and make the cut.

    When people are making a decision to purchase a machine, they need to choose one that works best for them. I have three machines and they all do different things for me but if someone wants a good, solid machine that will always have great support behind it, the knk is your machine. I also want to put in a word for Sandy, Michelle (of Paper Threads) and Chad (owner). They stand behind their products and you can be assured of quality service.

  11. Ugh. Not sure why it didn't include #1 on my lists. Also #2 in the pros should read "The company that sells the machines IS based in the U.S."

  12. My introduction to the cutter world was with a Cricut. I was almost immediately frustrated with the price of cartridges and the lack of ability to manipulate existing designs or to create my own designs. My search for an ideal machine led me to an 800 phone number. At the other end of the line was Chad of Accugraphics. He very paitiently told me all about the KNK machines and why that was the machine I was really looking for. He was RIGHT!!! I now have a 15" MAXX and I love it!! The software that comes with the machine is incredible. I've cut everything from paper to acrylic, to vinyl, and even Sculpy clay. The only limitation to the machine and the software is the user's imagination. Accugraphic keeps adding new blades and features and new products to their line. IMHO it is the best machine on the market for what I want. PLUS, the support from Sandy McCauley is THE BEST I have ever had for anything I have ever owned.

  13. I have had a KNK for at least 5 years. When I bought my first KNK I had never owned any type of cutter and had basic computer knowledge. It was the best investment I ever made. When the KNK Maxx came out I upgraded to a 15 inch Maxx. I was able to quickly sell my old KNK through our Yahoo group. I cut mostly cardstock and vinyl. I use SVG files often by using Inkscape to convert them to EPS and import them into KNK. It is what I love most about having a KNK, the numerous files types that you can import into KNK Studio. Once you own a KNK you never need to purchase another thing other than replacement blades and mats, and they last a long time.
    See what I made using my knk at

  14. Omayra Duarte Said,

    I am the owner of a KNK Grove E, and I am very happy with it. The first time I bought my machine I was worried because I never used a program similar to that one that comes with the machine. But believe me, the program it is not a problem because the customer service that I got from Accugraphic was and is exceptional, plus the 100 of free videos that Sandy has in the Internet. At the beggining I was a little frustrated but I always remembered That Sandy Mcauley told me: "Do not worry, I will teach you to love your machine" and she was right. She took me step by step and now I LOVE MY KNK and would change it for anything. THANK YOU SANDY AND CHAD!!!

    For me it is the best machine there is. Now, I print and cut anything without any problems, I cut vynil, foamy, iron on, I do Rhinestones, etc. And now I am practicing engraving on acrylics. For me it is a GREAT MACHINE and the most important thing is that they have a SUPER GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. If you can't do something with your machine, they do not rest until you can perform what you want. Other important thing is that this machine does not limit your creativity like other cutters machine that only let you cut what is on the cartridges. With KNK you can trace and cut whatever you want. I LOVE MY KNK. The machine is a little heavy but I constructed a kart where I can carry the machine to differents places. TERRIFIC MACHINE

  15. I have one of the very first KNKs. It is now over 5yrs old and still works like a charm. What made me get a KNK over the others 5yrs ago... I was won over by the KNKs ability to cut so many different materials and the ability to cut ANY font that you have on your computer AND any image you could trace (which it does a good job of for you). I had no interest in being limited to how much additional money I could afford to pay in order to get more fonts or more designs. The software is very powerful and yet still pretty simple to use. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my KNK. As for customer service...SANDY IS AWESOME! You won't be left in the dark with a machine you have no idea how to get running. You'll be cutting amazing things in no time.

  16. I have the 13" groove Knk machine and LOVE it!! I also own a craft robo and a cricut expression. I honestly have only kept my craft robo as it is nice and small and I teach classes at a local store on the silhouette and the cricut (silhouette and craft robo bring essentially the same machine makes it easy to demo) also I haven't mastered the print and cut with my Knk yet (mostly since I haven't had a need yet). I've used my Knk with both the Knk studio software and my funtime software and it works wonderfully with both. I only have the demo version of MTC so I haven't actually cut anything from it but I'm sure it cuts just as nicely from this program too.
    I love how fast my Knk is and the ability to adjust the speed and pressure so much. The blade carriage is fantastic as well as i am able to use any of my pens, markers, or accessories from my other machines no problem which makes it easy to not have to worry about needing a blade ASAP (living in Atlantic Canada I have no choice but to order online and wait for them to arrive so the fact that in a pinch I can use my cricut blades in the Knk holder or even my craftrobo blade holder and blade is a HUGE bonus for me).

    I can't say enough about the machine. I bought mind from Sandy MacCauley in December 2008 and the customer service I've gotten has been absolutely fantastic!!!!! Recently I was having problemswith a tracing of an image that I wanted to use for one of my classes and not only did sandy walk me through how to do it but even made me a video of a few different ways to go about it with some extra little fantastic tips and tricks in it!!

  17. I love my KNK - the best thing about the machine is the control I have - control the speed, the material, the force, blade depth, everything that makes any home cutter good makes the KNK great! I LOVE the software - prior to purchasing my Groove E I used the KNK GE software with my Wishblade (the blue one circa 2006!) It isn't itimidating whatsoever - the software works with how my brain works. The support I have received from Sandy McCauley has been nothing short of fabulous - prompt, efficient, and knowledgable - there is nothing in the entire home cutter world that this woman does not know about! Watch a few of the free videos on the site and you'll find out just how easy she makes it to use your cutter! I love my machine, I love the software and I can't say enough about the customer service...
    Erin McMilon

  18. I'm another KNK lover! I started with a Wishblade and then went to a KNK Element (no longer in production). I quickly noticed better, consistent cuts and it just felt like an overall better quality machine. I guess it felt more like a professional machine and less like a toy. Since then I upgraded to a 15" KNK Maxx. I'm absolutely astounded by it's performance. It cuts chipboard, styrene (haven't tried this one yet), thick card stock, white core card stock, fun foam, vinyl, etc. I've always designed in Illustrator, but recently I started designing in KNK Studio. It's easy to learn and the the manual walks you through each step. Plus there are many free videos at Sandy also has some available for purchase. Anyway, I'm completely sold on KNK for performance and support!

    Shirley Clark

  19. I am a collector and avid user of my electronic die cutting machines. I started with the old xyron Personal cutting system.. (no computer hook up just books) it was ok but then I found the Craft Robo.. It made life a little easier because I could "cut anything I could dream up" then I found the Klik N Kut.. What an awesome machine I have the KNK XL and have had it for several years and I am still amazed at all the things it can do.. Seems like there is no job too big that my KNK can not do.. And the accugraphic team at Scrapbook Die Cutters is amazing.. So is Sandy so if you are looking for an awesome machine and awesome support.. This is the machine for you!

  20. I am the owner of a KNK Groove-e and I LOVE it!!! My first cutting machine (Years ago.) was the Blue Wishbblade. It was a GREAT machine, but I wanted a machine that would do more, so I bought the yellow KNK machine when it first came out (In other words, the first KNK on the market.). I have to say that I made a GREAT dicision because I loved it. In fact, my daughter-in-law inherited it with the promise that she will never sell it, but give it back to me if she ever decides to get a newer machine. I bought a Pazzles (Still had my yellow KNK.) and liked it, but the KNK won out, so I sold it to a friend and bought the Groove-e. I will never buy any other brand machine. Yes, there is a learning curve, but there is a learning curve with all of them. The KNK will do so many things that other machines will not do, so you choose to take as long as you like to learn as much as you want to know. In other words, there is no need what-so-ever to buy another machine because it might do more than the KNK. Also, the service from Chad and Gary (Owners of the company.) is FANTASTIC!!!! They are not just willing to help you with any problems you might run into, but they are eager to help you. Sandy and the many other KNK owners are always there to help new owners learn their machine and are very eager and excited to help others succeed. I just could go on and on and on about why this machine is so amazing, but I'll give it a rest.:) One other thing that to me is so important is that there are so many videos from Sandy showing you in detail how to learn your machine that there is no way you can fail. I am a visual person when it comes to learning and it never ceases to amaze me that just when I think I've learned it all Sandy will come out with a new video on how to do something fun and I get all excited again. I use my machine a lot and not having it would be like losing a part of me. The joy I get out of making things for others is beyond any joy I could ever explain. The KNK is one of the first cutting machines to come out and is still at the top of the list as far as I'm concerned.

  21. I am yet another 24" KNK MAXX owner and fan! I started out with a Cricut Personal Cutter, then upgraded to the Expression when it came out but quickly decided I wanted more power and started researching cutters. The KNK was the hands-down winner for me and I have not regretted my decision to purchase this cutter. Now, at 24" it's not a cutter that I can just pick up and take with me to a scrapbook session but there are other KNK models that are. I would highly recommend that you get in touch with Sandy and check this cutter out.

    Brenda J in Texas

  22. I have a 15" KNK Maxx and LOVE it! I've seen other machines in action and am THRILLED I purchased a KNK for many reasons. Quality. This machine means business w/quality cuts, speeds/force that YOU desire. Size, yes, it does matter, accommodating projects up to 24" wide. Wow! Program. Talk about fun - this program introduces capability making your creative vision a reality. Don't speak the language of computers/programs? Instruction manuals got your down because they're written by aliens from Mars? Well, here's the best part about owning a KNK that WILL send you into the orbit - Sandy McCauley! And yes, she really did write the manual - in step-by-step, here's how it's done, straight from the hip no nonsense instruction. If you're like me and get mega excited about creating and learn better by show and tell, Sandy's videos are an absolute MUST! Sandy shows you how it's done click-by-click - this has been a huge help to me. It gets better...are you ready? Have you ever had a teacher whose passion, desire and genuine talent could make learning a breeze, fun, joyous and awaken your creative self confidence to boldly go where you would only envy? That's Sandy McCauley - she's the game changer. Sandy has that rare gift of breaking down the technicals and sharing the information in a warm, friendly and easy way. So, if you're serious about having fun, get yourself a KNK and get intouch w/the Queen of KNK herself, Sandy McCauley.

    Chris - San Diego, CA

  23. I own a 15" Maxx cutter and LOVE it. I do design work for a major cardstock company and teach scrapbook classes. With the KNK I am able to create one-of-a-kind die cut shapes specific to my needs which gives me an edge in the market place. Also, it normal for me to run my cutter non-stop 8 to 12 hours in one day and this is never an issue with the KNK. I doubt that any other cutter could keep up under these circumstances. I purchased 2 cutters from Sandy and will upgrade my cutter again to a 24" through Sandy someday! Her knowledge and support of the product is amazing -- not to mention her friendly service!

    Susan Mast
    Gilbert, AZ

  24. I started with the 13" KNK and now have the 15" Maxx. I love this machine. I am a scrapbooker and cardmaker. Often I am making 10-15 cards for any given month and I use my Maxx to cut out all parts of my cards. I make all my embellishments and love how easy it is to use. I have used it to cut chipboard for board books and even .02 styrene for a work project. What I like most about this machine is that I don't hesitate to cut things out, It is easy to cut out 20 of something or just one tiny title or file. I never have to worry is this going to cut out or not -- it will.

    The support that you receive from Sandy and accugraphics cannot be beat. I have had all my quesions answered and all my concerns promply dealt with.

  25. I LOVE my 24" MAXX!! started out with a cricut, went to a KNK Element and then purchased a MAXX. The cricut was limited on what I could do -- had to use "their" designs and not my own. The Element was a great starter machine but I found that I wanted more surface area to cut and more ability to cut other materials, like fabric. I truly love the fact that my only design limit is my creativity so my potential is endless!

    I would recommend this machine to anyone who likes to design things on their own and is not intimidated by learning new software. I would also recommend purchasing it from Sandy. She is AWESOME! She provides top notch service even remotely and that is remarkable!

    The only con is that it is big and bulky. But since I don't do crops it suits me just fine. Do your homework and pick out what suits your needs best. i know I did and I'm happY!

    Knoxville, TN

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  27. I am a new owner of knk maxx or should I say acs eagle as my order was freely upgraded from knk maxx :) Yep. Acs eagle is double the force of knk maxx. Software is still knk studio. Sandy is awesome and when I ran into a bit of problem was so helpful even when it was quite late hours.
    I thought it would be helpful if I share how I came to have this cutter
    I wanted obviously a cutter where I could use my own designs so choice was vast - silhoutte, gazelle, lynx, knk 13" and pazzelles. As I wanted to cut chipboards too craft robo was out and as I wanted atleast 12 x 12 - sihoutte was out. Now I decided I would as well go for 24 inch so that left me with knk and cougar. I should say both are awesome machines and both the main support people Sandy (knk)and Dawn & Sherri (Cougar) are awesome woman who answered every question I asked and boy! did I have tons of questions.
    So final points
    1) knk is US based which is advantage in warranty and repairs and has been there for a long time.COugar has only one dealer in US
    2) knk so is readily available while cougar has a wait time
    3) knk has lesser speed control settings
    4) knk like gazelle has the advantage of using markers etc without pen tool and knk can accept cricut blades holder , amy chomas holders, pazelle. I am not sure about cougar though I know cougar needs a seperate pen holder.
    5) Cougar has lots of inventive atachments and some in future like foil etc
    6) Cougar there is a wait time and supplies like mat etc are not readily available and there can be a waiting time whereas knk it is available from the dealers and other places as well mainly because they are US based and I guess have more than one dealer
    7)Software - Both have dongleless software in case you want to buy for a upgrade.
    knk has knk design studio which is good for cutting and designing basics as well and does not have cutting limits whereas signcut craft edition for cougar - have to use inkscape mainly and signcut craft edition has cutting limits 24" x 24". I have not looked at the shadow feature , engraving fill feature etc in signcut yet. Looks like the upgrade acs design studio is catered towards rhinestones.
    Both work on scal and mtc
    8) knk includes flat bed and has some deals extras wheras cougar does not have bolt tables as yet.
    9)knk - yahoo group is the support mainly and paper threads has also a forum . black cat has forum

    So you cannot go wrong in either. Both are great machines. I have a knk :) and you can always drop in to my blog to read more as I explore the knk

  28. I have the KNK Maxx 24, and it's one powerful machine. It does so much more than cutting cardstock and chipboard. Someone asked if the blades were more expensive. The answer is no, because you can use Roland blades. You'll find great prices on eBay. Bottom line, you won't be sorry purchasing a KNK.

  29. HI, I have had a knk for years, like many above I started out with a pink wishblade but quickly knew that I wanted to have more flexibility of materials that I could cut which immediately drew me to a knk machine. I have upgraded from a 15" knk to a 24" inch Maxx that I now use to cut out labels for PaperTemptress's packages so I use it all the time and will often cut for hours with no problems. This is an amazing machine, you will never be sorry that you purchased it!
    the PaperTemptress

  30. I started out with a blue wishblade, and then upgraded to a KNK 15", so that I could cut heavier, as well as wider materials.
    I think I was one of the first members of the public to buy a KNK.
    I choose the KNK becuase of the excellent cutting specs, as well as being a US based company.
    I've always had great support and would not hesitate to suggest a KNK to others.
    The accuracy of a KNK over the cricut is amazing. Yes, the KNK software has a bit more of a learning curve, but it is very much worth it.
    And the new KNK's have even greater cutting pressure than mine, wich gives additional flexibility in material selection. I still have the wishblade, the KNK and I do have a cricut (mostly for friends to use), so I do feel that I am actually qualified to say that the new KNK is THE cutter to buy.

  31. I started out with the blue wishblade, then the Element, 13” KNK and now I have the 15” Maxx. I love my Maxx! There are several things I like about the Maxx besides the machine. I like that Accugraphics is in the US. I like that there are so many people that can help me with the software and machine on the yahoo groups. I don’t think any machine has as many knowledgeable people as the KNK groups. Plus I don’t think many machines have the service people needed in the US. I wouldn’t want to send my machine out of the country if there was something wrong with it. I like that the software is included in the price of the machine – nothing else needed. I know if I have a big problem that Sandy McCauley can help me. The women on the KNK lists or Accugraphics themselves are also helpful. I didn’t have many problems learning the software and it’s so powerful that I know I can learn more. I have done some designing but there are so many wonderful files out there that that is not really what I want to do.

    I went to one of Sandy’s seminars. I met so many people with the same interest. Some were new owners, intermediate owners and experienced owners. Everyone learned so much and they were so happy. The best thing I learned was how to print and cut. I have done some since with little problem.

    I love Sandy’s CD’s and free videos and EVERYTHING you can do with your software. Also the manual is step by step so you learn a lot with just the manual. I have taken my machine to a friends house to crop without any problems at all. I love my 15” maxx!
    Pam Zimmerman

  32. I'm using MTC consistantly with my KNK, and prefer it to the KNK software. Love MTC and KNK!