Friday, November 11, 2011

How to install the Silhouette Cameo driver

This post is for those of you who are following my tutorial (the Silhouette Cameo Review 3: How to cut to the Cameo with Make-the-Cut) and were not able to find the Silhouette Cameo when adding it as a printer.

Please follow these steps only if you are running a 64-bit Windows operating system. (To find out if your computer is running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating system, click HERE.)

1: Insert the Silhouette Studio disk that came with your Silhouette Cameo and select Open folder to view files.

2:  Open the Driver_x64 folder.

3: Open the English folder.

4: Click on GDSETUP64

5: Click Yes

6: Click OK to install the Silhouette Cameo driver.

7: You can follow the next instruction to unplugged the cutter from the power outlet. What is important is that your Silhouette Cameo is not connected to your computer. 

8: Click Next.

9: This should now show:

10: When the following message shows, click to Install this driver software anyway.

 11: The installation has now started.

 12: The Silhouette Cameo driver is now installed on your computer. Click OK to close the window and you should now be able to add the Silhouette Cameo as a printer when you are following my tutorial (the Silhouette Cameo Review 3: How to cut to the Cameo with Make-the-Cut).


  1. Thank you so much! Worked perfectly!!

  2. Thanks! I had downloaded the driver file from and it was trying to install the Graftec Craft Robo driver. Which the website mentions selecting one of two options if you have the original Silhouette or SD. Obviously the Cameo is neither. Wouldn't have thought they included it in the CD (stupid of me I know). THANKS AGAIN!

  3. Thanks a million for your step by step tutorial!

  4. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I was able to install the driver because of your thoughtfulness. God bless!

  5. Oh my goodness you are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this very helpful, step by step, guide to get me up and running. I was about to be very mad and frustrated until I found this! You are an amazing person to share such detailed instructions for those of us who are not all that computer savvy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  6. I am not able to install driver using windows 8,any suggestions??

  7. files on my disk are different. unable to follow your advice per se. I was able to install from the file you noted, but to no avail. What's up with this software anyway? Win 7 always finds new hardware when usb is plugged in. I want this cutter, but It looks like I will be returning it.

  8. Thank you so much you are a Godsend. I was about to launch everything out the window! ha Ha!!

  9. Followed your instructions. I see the Cameo Silhouette as a printer. When I click Ok button to cut nothing happens. Any thoughts or recommendations.


  10. Thank you for this! I've had my Silhouette Cameo since Christmas 2010, and it's been wonderful! However, I did something (who knows what) and Silhouette Studio was not syncing with the Cameo. The status bar just kept turning/flowing, and wouldn't ever display "Ready". I wasted HOURS trying to figure out a solution online, and I was about to buy another USB cable--thinking mine was broken--when I ran across this solution. I did a little check to see if my Cameo had a driver installed--nope! So, I dug around to find my original Silhouette CD (from long ago!), reinstalled the driver, and it's buzzing happily now, cutting out a bulletin board heading for our upcoming quarter at church. I came back to say thank you! I know you wrote this a long time ago, but I am super grateful for the suggestion!

  11. I can't thank you enough for this tutorial!!! I tried everything to get my cameo to print and cut and nothing worked. This did the trick! Thank you again!!!

  12. Hi! I bought Silhouette Cameo but my printer didn't print from Silhouette studio software so I had to return my machine. Can you please help me with the choice of right printer.I have Advent AWP10 but obviously it is not compatible with Silhouette studio software. Thank you.

  13. this saving me!!!!
    at first, after installing Silhouette Studio v3.6.057 my Silhouette Cameo 2 is not recognized. try to update driver but nothing can.

    then i try to Silhouette Studio v3.2.253 and open the folder content and update my driver from Drivers.

    Thank you!!!!

  14. Thanks very much! Now I can cut from corel, thank you!