Friday, May 27, 2011

The Black Cat Lynx Review (Part 2)

 For all of you who have been waiting for my video of the Lynx, well, here it is:

In the video, I wasn't able to show you how the back of the cutter looks like. Here's a picture of the back. The picture also shows the 3 clamps.
This is the same cutting mat I showed in the video. This was a brand new mat that I only started using with the Lynx. The following picture shows the track marks left by the clamps.

As promised, here are the pictures of the cut outs:

These are the same cuts used in the Beatitude card. I have also cut out this exact same image with the Silhouette and the Gazelle. You can see those cuts by clicking here.

Like the Silhouette, the Lynx managed to cleanly cut out the narrow layer around the butterfly. Check out the thin strips.

It's a bird.....It's a plane......It's a Pop-Up Butterfly!

My Cutter Review Series is finally coming to an end. To all of you who have emailed me for a cutter recommendation, I am currently working on my closing post and I can't wait to conclude the series and share my thoughts with you.

Stay tuned. :-)


  1. Interesting...thanks so much. I will be waiting for your thoughts on it. Since it one of the few that works with a Mac, I'm very interested.

  2. Wow, excellent video! You have done an extraordinary job with All of your machine reviews. Thank you so much! I did buy the Silhouette on sale, and will master that and MTC and then think of a larger cutter that handles more materials! :) Thank you!
    iloa - Mary

  3. Thank you SO very much for taking the time to do this! It is so very sincerely appreciated!

  4. I have been eagerly awaiting your thoughts on this machine, since it's the one I'm most interested in. Thank you for taking the time to do this! Do the clamps make any marks on the paper you're using or is it just on the mat? I can't wait to see your final review:)

  5. Great video Jin! I move my clamps to the edges of the cricut mat and it seems to work fine that way without leaving any marks or rolling over the paper if you wanted to try that!

  6. @cfine, I'll check for you and will let you know.

    @Alyssa, that's a good idea. I didn't think to move the clamps because the video tutorial mentioned that the clamps should be placed over a specific spot (over the sliver rectangles on the bottom). Have you noticed any negative effects from moving the clamps away to the edge and from those spots?

  7. Jin, the KNK has those same clamps and they do have to be where the rectangles are otherwise they don't hit wheel thingie and you will start to see skews. I don't always put the middle one down (which helps) and I also don't stick the mat where the pinch roller tracks are (otherwise I don't ever get the paper up again). It will really leave marks in vinyl, but you don't have to use the middle pinch wheel since you don't have to use a lot of pressure. Is that a cricut mat you are using? You can get a thicker mat for it that won't dent as much and they work wonderfully.

  8. You rock Jin! I love how you KNOW what we are wondering and you answer it...
    I'm assuming those track marks didn't leave the marks on you paper right?
    Also where do you get that paper at? Staples, office depot or do you order it online! Thanks again for doing these fantastic tutorials for us:)

  9. Great job Jin.

    The rollers don't leave marks like that on the actual Black Cat mats though, or mine don't honey. The cricut mats are just cheaper and thinner made I believe.

    Thanks for all your work on these.

  10. I finally had a moment today to watch this video and regardless of the clamps and such I wondered how loud it actually is. I have heard that it purrs but that did not sound like a comforting purr to me but something a bit louder. Seems to from seeing this and another of your posts it is really an indeustrial vinyl cutter more than a machine to use in a quiet craft room where you are trying to relax. I say this knowing that my PC cutter is not quiet, but I am not wanting a huge machine that makes a lot of noise. I wish the Silhouette came in a larger size. I really want to see them make one that is 12x12!!! Thanks for your reviews. You are greatly appreciated!!!

    Melissa M