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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rudolf! (revised)

Writing a blog post at 2am when I was supposed to be in bed probably wasn't a good idea. The pictures were dark and the post was not very useful. So, I'm rewriting this entry. Yay! for second chances. :-)

Did you attend the MTC webinar last evening? I did and it seems that everyone is still excited about the new print-and-cut feature of the beta release. I have mentioned before (in this post) that I prefer to use patterned paper stacks rather than self-printed paper.  Yet after the webinar, I found myself turning on my $32 Canon printer and loading it with white Michael's cardstock, and getting ready for another print-and-cut card.

For this Rudolf! card, I printed papers from the LD paper packs Owl I Want for Christmas and Polar Bear Dance. I really like the papers from the Polar Bear Dance collection. There's polka dots and stripes in Christmas colors. Exactly what I needed for this card!

I used the print-and-cut feature to get that circle layer. I love that the cut is so close to the image that you don't see any white at all. The circular words are from the LD Sneak Peek of the Month, DB Do Not Open. I typed in the font in MTC and then added in the texture (green dots paper) into the image.
This card is actually quite versatile. You can put any Holiday image into the center of the card but I chose to put a reindeer. This super cute reindeer is from the Christmas Dee-licious set. I added in a black shadow and printed and cut that. I also layered the nose and the collar. A little Stickles added some sparkle.

 I adhered the layers with my ATG tape and I used foam tape to stick the reindeer to the card. Using print-and-cut, I was able to whip up this card quickly. However, note that getting a satisfactory result with that feature is dependent on many factors. There are many ways that the cut can go wrong. If you have trouble with using print-and-cut, go to the MTC forum and check out all the advice there. Feel free to ask a question there too. Better yet, attend one of the weekly MTC webinars. Kay of cleversomeday has also done a fabulous writeup on troubleshooting. You can find that writeup at the end of her post here.


  1. Your card is too cute! I LOVE that reindeer! I haven't had much luck with P&C. For some reason I can't get anything to line up. I'm not sure if it's my printer or my Cricut. I will keep trying though because I'm dying to get it to work! I've actually had better luck using the hinge method, but at least now I can add different prints from digi papers! How did you get the text in such a perfect circle, is that just the bezier warp?

  2. Thanks stev288 and cfine!

    I didn't need to do anything with the text. The doodlebat file came with the circular text inside several circles. I just "Break" and "Delete" the circles away so that only the text remains. ;)