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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Peace & Joy

Have y'all tried out the  MTC print-and-cut? I'm still playing around with it and today I chose the LD O Tannenbaum set to play with. The trees in this set are just too pretty to not print and cut with! :)

To start, I used MTC to create a layer for the tree as the original image had no base layer. I mean, all those circles needed a base to stick on, right? So, I did it by using the Shadow Layer command. 

Next, I print-and-cut the frame.  The image comes from a clip art set called Funky Frames . I love this set. The frames are what I call "funky neat". Heh heh... funky and neat, get it? :P

All the LD clip art sets contain both colored and non-colored versions of the same images so I easily traced the frame in MTC by using the black and white copy. I added in the pattern by adding the paper from the O Tannenbaum Paper Pack.

The greeting was typed with the LD Modern Sans font and I added in another paper from the same O Tannenbaum Paper Pack.

To finish, I layered the frame so that it highlights the greeting. I adhered the tree with foam tape to make it "pop" (I'm really tired of saying "...for added dimensions...blah blah blah...") and all the glitter comes from my very well-loved bottle of Crystal Stickles. Yippee! Another Holiday card done!

p/s What do y'all think of my turkey blog header? Is the bird too big? :P


  1. I'm up with ya girl. Using that PNC from MTC. I just finished 3 TG cards and my first Xmas Card. My PNC is right on after playing with it for a bit. I am so excited!!! My new $32 Printer (your rec) and my NOT $500 dollar PNC machince E and MTC, oh how excited am I.

    Don't touch that Turkey he is devine!!!!!!

    And your latest card is great also, but girl you have got to stop. I now own shares in LD gggggg.


  2. I'm with Linda, that turkey is to die for! Love him!!

    Love your card...I always get excited to see what you have posted....when I go through my LD wishlist now, I ask myself, "Now what would Jin do with this?" lol

  3. Haha, you both are so cute! Glad to know you don't mind the turkey. I wasn't sure what people would think of a giant turkey staring into their faces as soon as they got onto this site. LOL!

  4. Cute! I like the colors an the tree is really cute :)

  5. Keep the turkey, he's perfect! I love your card- especially how you thought to create the base layer. I've looked at this set and I saw the circles thinking this wouldn't be good for cutting, now I see how useful that shadow function is!! Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas!

  6. Thanks Jin, you did an awesome job! Glad to hear your PNC is working out so good. I've tried it several times and is getting better and better each time! I almost have all the LD files, thanks to you LOL.


    Happy cutting!


    cal8007 at aol dot com

    PS Love your turkey.

  7. Pretty card !

    Have a great Friday ;-)

  8. Very pretty card, I learn something new almost every post you make!

  9. You are doing amazing work with the print and cut feature!! I have yet to try it, but plan on it this weekend. As always, love your stuff!!

  10. Thanks everyone! If you have not tried out the MTC P-n_C feature you should. I find that the hardest part is figuring out the alignment on the mat but once you've done that, it's pretty easy. You don't even need photoshop! :-)