Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Candy Coma

Spookacular is LD's Sneak Peek of the Month. You can only buy this set if you are buying something else. This set is offered to you when you are checking out your cart. I just downloaded it and the first image that I converted was this crazy looking pumpkin. Doesn't that look hilarious? I couldn't put a finger to what that face is reflecting until I showed the spider and the ghost to Hubby. As soon as he saw it, he said "Candy Coma!" I guess that's the look I have when I have too much sugar. Haha!

Once again, I broke the layers up in Adobe Photoshop and traced them all at once in MTC.

They look so cool when they have been cut out. I have to mention that cutting the spider's eye was quite a challenge. Even though the cut looked perfect on the MTC screen, the Cricut's blade kept picking up the tip of the spiral and ripping the eye in the process. The eye was torn before it has finished cutting. By using a new (and very sticky) mat and setting the machine's cutting speed to LOW, I finally solved the problem and cut out a perfect spiral spider eye.

The layers of the pumpkin and ghost were adhered with foam tape. I thought they looked pretty cool when I finished assembling them. :-)

I used the font LD Horror Movie for the sentiment.

Foam tape was used to stick the spider to the card for added dimension.

 I put together the card with background papers from the  Midnight Spell stack by DCWV.

We're now just about 19 days away from Candy Halloween. Can't wait to count how many Candy-Coma faces I'll see this year. ;-)


  1. Both of these are super fun!

  2. Great Job !

    Have a great Tuesday ;-)

  3. I saw these when I made my last order, and passed them by. Now I am kicking myself! You have a great talent for making things look so awesome. You're an artist!

  4. I too saw these and passed them up, darn it! Your card is sooo cute!! The cuts look great!

  5. That was super funny!! I think you are the first blogger I've seen using a cutting software. It's really nice!! TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @ http://earthyscrap.blogspot.com/

  6. Oh my goodness...love the candy coma!!!!!!

  7. LOL! This is sooo cute (and so true).