Monday, October 11, 2010

School Spectacular Font Set- Open Type Font?

Currently Make-the-Cut only supports True Type Font (.ttf) files and is unable to read files in the Open Type Font (.otf) format. There have been a few discussions recently on the MTC forum regarding Lettering Delights' School Spectacular Font Set. It seems that when the set (.zip file) is downloaded from the link that came in the order confirmation email, the file is in the Open Type Font (.otf) format (when unzipped). If you have ordered this set from Lettering Delights, do not despair when you find that you have downloaded the .otf file. The .ttf file is available if you download it from the LD website.

Just log into your account and go to "My Library". Choose the required set and click on the "Try Me Now" button, you should see the .ttf file in the middle when you click on the "Download File" tab. Just click on that .ttf file to download it.

The example below shows the screen for the DBT Food set after clicking on the "Download File" tab.

Once the file is downloaded, just "Add Font" in MTC and use it as you would any .ttf font files.


  1. I purchased my School Spectacular set through scrapNfonts (same company, just different sites, I guess) and they don't have a Try Me Now...I've emailed them, but haven't heard you have any ideas/suggestions? Just thought you might know, oh wise one. =)

  2. Oh jayma, I'm not as familiar with the SNF site even though both LD and SNF belong to the same parent company. I have sent them an email for you. Hopefully they have a solution to your problem

  3. jayma, this is the reply that I just received:

    "Hey Jin,
    If your subscriber will sign in and go to their order history, they will be able to access .ttf files for all their purchases. People may also access .ttf files from Lettering Delights the same way. If anyone has trouble, they may email our support staff at"

    I hope that helps.


  4. i tried to download the spooktacular font from lettering delights using the try me now and there is no middle section w/ttfont to download. there is only the win and winmac choices. what am i doing wrong. thanks K

  5. This post refers only to the School Spectacular Font Set. The set Spooktacular is a graphic set and does not come in .ttf format. :-)

  6. Thanks, Jin....they didn't answer me when I emailed, so this is helpful! Thank you, I'm quickly becoming addicted to this stuff!!