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Monday, December 30, 2013

Jin's LD Font list.

"Hi Jin Yong, I want to get some fonts before they go up in price. I would love to see a list of your favorites - you always use such fun fonts. Do you have a list?"

- Carmen

Carmen posted her question on my Facebook page but I figured that some of you may also benefit from my reply so I'm posting this on the blog. I use a lot of fonts from LD and there are a few that I seem to use (or want to use) all the time. They include LD Blankie, LD Mon Cherie, LD This and That, LD Little Piggy, and LD Cinch. However, I have also come to appreciate LD Oz, LD Platform Soul, and LD Manish Print.  LD Petticoat Black is a long-time favorite and I really like the look of LD Licorice and LD Distorted Drusillus.

Instead of putting a list of my favorite fonts, I am listing below the fonts that I used this past year. To see the project in which the font was used, just click on the link in italic and inside the parentheses.

Carmen, I hope this helps!

--- Fonts used in projects of 2013---

LD Outline 1 font (available only in the School Spectacular font set) (Made by Mom)


  1. You are awesome, Jin, thanks so much. I'm taking advantage of the sale today!

  2. I am a font junkie! Seriously its like one of my major addictions among others but these are great!
    Deb C