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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Notes on the Matryoshka Family

While I have been posting quite a lot about the Lettering Delights Matryoshka Dolls lately, I realize I had not mentioned that I had reconfigured the layers for the dolls' faces. My posts on the dolls do not seem complete until I show you how to do that.

If you had purchased the SVG set, you might notice that it does not come with a separate hair layer. I like the look of a separate hair layer as it adds dimension to the face.

Making that layer is super easy. In MTC, just use the Boolean Join tool on the face and head layers like this:

I used doll no. 5 for the screenshots above. The hair layers for the boy dolls were made in the same way. Of course, if you prefer the original look of the dolls as intended by LD, you can just skip these steps. I won't judge. ;-)

I really liked the colors that LD had chosen to use with the dolls but when I first started cutting out them out, it took me a while to select and match all the patterned paper that I needed. It would have been so easy if there was a paper pack that would coordinate with the set. Guess what? I was just on the LD site and they just added a paper pack!

The new Matryoshka Family Paper Pack is perfect for this SVG set and would probably have save me some time from picking out paper from my giant collection of DCWV stacks then. If you want to attempt a Print-and-Cut project, LD has also added the super cute Matryoshka Family graphic set.

Seriously, how cute are these dolls? Whether they are from the SVG or Graphic sets, I love them all and boy am I glad that I didn't have to wait in line to get them like I did for those other dolls. ;-)

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  1. hoping you can help me, I cant seem to figure out how to delete the eyes. Thanks!