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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Easy Matryoshka Dolls Note Cards

I hope that y'all enjoyed the little story yesterday. Want to know what I did with the dolls after filming the "movie"?

I made note cards out of all of them!

Lettering Delights made it super easy with their doll note card SVG:

All I did was to overlay the note card SVG with the doll SVG in Make-the-Cut and adjusted the former until it fits the doll. Once I get it in the size that I want, I cut it out and adhered the doll to it.

I made the bases for the girl dolls in a jiffy...

and thought I'd make some for the boys too.

Here are a couple more pictures to show you the details on the girls. I used foam tape to add dimensions to the floral designs and applied Stickles to let them sparkle. ;-)

By the way, I absolutely love the house card too. 

I think that this set is totally adorable. I didn't get around to making the house-shaped envelope but just imagine how cute it'll be to stick a doll note card in a house envelope with the doll looking out a window? 

Go on, just say it: " cute!" :-)


  1. Stinking adorable!! Thsese are too too too too cute!! SO creative!

  2. Love those note cards!! I think it would put a smile on anyones face. :) (mine included)

  3. Simply adorable! Love that house card too!

  4. These are so cute - I know I will want this SVG! Thanks for sharing with us! Patti

  5. Can this set be used with Sure Cuts A Lot, too? Thanks! Your work is terrific!