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Monday, December 6, 2010

Merry Christmas Wreath

It is the beginning of a new week and I am still breathless from all the activities of this past weekend. I am so swamped from all the preparation of the holiday season plus the 3 birthdays that we will be celebrating in my house this week, and yet I kept thinking about the new Lettering Delights SVG sets. I couldn't wait until I have a moment to play with Merriment .
I like this set so much and am grateful that LD is currently offering it at a price of $0. It's a Freebie! If you have not downloaded it, you can get it here. Just add it to your cart and checkout.

The original LD svg for the wreath comes in 4 layers but I really wanted to have the holes in the bow cut out so that the card below shows through. This is where the magic of Make-the-Cut shines through. Just because the wreath comes in an SVG file that is ready to cut, does not mean that it is the only way that it should be cut. With the help of MTC's "Boolean Join" tool, I adjusted the layers so that I could get them exactly how I want them to be, without sacrificing the original intended finished look of the layered cuts.
I like the end result a lot. I layered the wreath with foam tape and adhered it to a base that I had embossed with a Sizzix embossing folder. I used the LD Cursive font for the sentiment and printed it on vellum with my laser printer. 

If you have not tried out the LD svgs, do give it a shot. It is  nice to not have to convert the graphics first before you can use it in MTC. Seriously, cut it out and be amazed. :-)


  1. Love your card. I really want to get an embossing machine. Love the look it gives. Thanks for sharing. I did get the package over the weekend. Mom was visiting and I showed it to her and she put it on top of her purse, she was trying to take it home. LOL I promise to share. ;0)

  2. Great! Thanks for letting me know. It's funny that your mom wanted to take it back with her although I totally understand why. Enjoy your new toy! :-)

  3. I cut the wreath out to make an ornament and thought I'd like to do it a little different, so this is nice to know! Love the look of your card, the embossing adds a nice touch!

  4. Thanks, cfine. I will be putting up a short 2 min video tutorial tomorrow that will show how I changed the wreath from 4-layer to a 2-layer. DO check back. :-)

  5. Jin,

    I used this wreath over the weekend and just posted my wreath card to the lettering delights Merriment Set. It is multiple layers and cut like a dream. I want to show you how you have inspired me by using your wonderful tutorials!!
    I am so excited about the LD SVGs, and am chomping at the bit for the next releases.

    Your card is wonderful, thanks for all the inspiration that you share with us.