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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

MTC v.3.0: 1st Print-and-Cut Card

Whoo hoo! Here's my first card made with the MTC's print-and-cut feature. The method of print-cut-and-print-again where I cut the shape and tape that cutout over a printed image is no longer required! I can now just print the image to my printer and move that page to the Cricut mat for cutting. Yay!

To make this card, I used my $32 Canon printer to print the images and my Cricut Expression to cut out. The images come from Lettering Delights' Thanksgiving Art graphic set while the background papers are from the LD Chicken Soup and LD Woody What-Nots paper packs.

There are a lot of new features in this MTC upgrade including the Rhinestone tool (make your own rhinestone template!) and the Lattice tool.  If you have any questions regarding the new version of MTC, the best place to find the answer is the MTC forum. Do poke around the forum to check out what the other users of MTC have made with this upgrade.


  1. OMGosh Jin! Your card turned out so cute! I love that the print and cut feature cuts so close to the edge of the image. That is my biggest turn off about the Imagine. Well... that and the price. :)

    I am hoping this weekend, after the blog hop, I can find some time to sit down and play with print & cut too. :)

    Have a great day!

    Ruthie :)

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  3. Jin,
    I love this cute cute card!!!! Is the
    Give Thanks printed on chipboard????


  4. Your card looks awesome! And with a $32 printer, wow!! I've played with this only a little and I can't get my cut and print to line up yet. I have been looking on the MTC forum and hopefully I'll find a solution! I can't wait to use this feature!

  5. I'm so excited about these new features. (I already have MTC). I have been wanting to upgrade from my baby bug, and this is just another reason I don't need the Imagine. I was leaning toward it until I found your page a month or so back. You've totally changed my mind! When I upgrade, it will be to an Expression. Thanks for saving me lots of money!

  6. Thanks everyone. :-)

    Linda, the Give Thanks is printed on regular cardstock but adhered to the card with foam tape.

  7. Hi Jin,

    Have u tried using the cut and print on iron on transfer paper? It would be great to see how well it would work? Im thinking of getting MTC but when I did the free trial it was way off in cutting out the print. Going to try it again, lol.

  8. Hi Sandy,
    I have not thought about using it on iron on transfer paper. That's a great idea! It would be great if it works. There are a lot of new features in this upgrade and I'm playing with them one at a time. :)