Friday, October 22, 2010

Super Fun Kiddie Masks!

Whoo Hoo! It's Friday! Need an idea to keep the kids occupied this weekend? How about some masks for them?

Using Adobe Photoshop, I crop the witches images in the LD's Witch One and Witch's Brew sets, so that only the heads are left. Using MTC and Photoshop, I cut-and-print (as illustrated in my tutorial here) so that the image is sized to fit fully on a sheet of 8.5" x 11" cardstock.

To make the masks more sturdy, I cut a backing using cereal boxes. I had to set the blade on the Cricut to 6, and I set MTC to get the blade to cut over the same shape 5 times so that the thick cereal box material can be cut through cleanly. Using a new sticky mat helped to keep the cardboard stay in place.

I adhered the backing to the printed front with my ATG tape.

I sandwiched a craft stick between the printed front and the cardboard backing and punch out 2 holes for the eyes with my hole-punch-thingamadoodle. If you do not have an anywhere-hole punch, just trace a round button and cut out with a craft knife. Also, instead of a craft stick, you may punch out a hole on each side of the mask and string a piece of elastic thread through them. I lost my spool of elastic thread so I went the route of the craft stick instead.

Ta-dah! How many hours of fun do you think that this witch will give to my kids? heh heh.. Dare I say "Hello, Mommy Time!"? :-D

It's the last weekend before Halloween. I'm going to be busy making treat bags. What are you going to be making? Treat bags? Chocolate Mummies? Hope you get to be creative this weekend. Have fun creating!


  1. Hope you enjoyed your "me" time! These masks are adorable! My younger two would love them. I'm still practicing the print and cut thing and I love it! Too bad I didn't see your post until tonight! Love all those sets from LD and I've been trying to resist, but you're making it difficult!