Friday, October 22, 2010

LD Freebie and a 20% coupon!

How timely is this LD freebie? To think that I was just making masks for the kids yesterday and now there's 2 more I can make for them. Even better, these are FREE!

 Just click on the image above and add them to your cart, then check out as if you are buying it. You will be charged $0 for this set. In other words, if you are just checking out with the masks, your order total will be $0!

Don't forget to check your email confirmation for a 25% coupon code that will expire in 30 days. You can use that right away to buy any of the newer sets or use it to buy the bundle above to bring the price of each set to $0.75 each!

You may also like to save that coupon for another day and use this 20% code instead:


  1. Oh thanks for the info! I love freebies!

  2. I was wondering if your Canon printer ink is waterproof? I just purchased an HP 7000 Wideformat printer and the ink is waterproof, but I wouldn't mind having a smaller printer if the inkjet was also waterproof.