Thursday, October 28, 2010

3 Pumpkins

It's time to clean up the aftermath of Halloween crafting but I can't resist making that one last card with these scraps that I found on my desk. By using the pumpkin from LD's DB Boo Ya and replacing the face with designs from LD's Jack-O-Patterns 2, I cut out several pumpkins that had different looks.
To do that, I used MTC and added the DB Boo Ya font. Then I clicked on the pumpkin to put the image onto the mat.
Using CTRL-B, I "Break" the image and delete the face.
Next, I used the Jack-O-Patterns 2 font and click on a pattern that I want to replace the face with.
I adjusted the size of the face and position it onto the pumpkin. I used CTRL-J to join the images together to get this:
Ta-da! A pumpkin with a new face!

By doing the same steps over and with the different faces in the Jack-O-Patterns set, I came up with a whole bunch of different looking pumpkins.
 These are super easy and super fun. Cut them out big and with vinyl to decorate around the house or cut them out small to use as tags. I cut the pumpkins out using my scrap paper and layered them on a card with foam tape. Quick, easy, fun!


  1. Love the embossing, it adds so much to the pumpkins! TFS! :)

  2. Love these pumpkins! I've got both sets so I'm going to give this a try. I like the embossing too, it makes a big difference!

  3. Thanks joeygirl and cfine. :-) I'm most happy that I used scraps to make this card. :D My box of leftover (scrap) papers is so full and I really need to find time to sort the colors.

  4. How cute!! I love that one on top.

  5. That top one's my favorite too. :-)