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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Lamp with Many Faces

Four days to Halloween and it's time to wrap things up. Cards are made, and treat bags stuffed and waiting to be delivered. I'm making some cutouts for the classroom and I promised the teacher a simple banner for the class Halloween Party and once I get that out, I'm done. 

But wait. There's something outside that's been bugging me. See this lamp outside our door? Don't you think it looks kind of...naked?

 For the past 3 weeks I have asked Hubby if I can dress it up. It looks so sad. And cold. But the answer I get every time is a firm "No". Well, you know what, buddy, I'm going to do it anyway. So take this!

and this!
and that...
  and that!
I hope you see them when you drive into the garage later, Darrrrling. Call me "Slacker Mom" one more time and I'll stick these faces all over your computer monitors.

Muahhahahhahahaha.....  *evil laughter*


  1. LOL! Jin you have such a great sense of humor! Your blog not only inspires me but makes me smile. Some of the things you say are sooo funny. TFS!


  2. That is hilarious! I bet he realizes the error of his ways when he sees how great they look.

  3. Oh yes! You def had to dress the naked light!! LOVE IT too!! Way to go!!

  4. Oooh, I would love a picture of it at night! I'll bet it's to die for!! LOL Love the things you share!

  5. You go girl!!! That'll keep him in line! LOVE those faces! I bet they look creepy at night!

  6. Thanks, ladies! He saw it when he drove back last night and actually liked it! Can y'all believe it? Jeez...

  7. We think alike !
    Once when my husband was at a noisy football game I called him and softly asked if I could buy a puppy. When he said he couldn't hear me I took it as a yes.
    That is how Sugar became a member of the family.


  8. LOL!! I would do the same thing. In fact...

  9. Love it, you'll have to take a pic of it tonight and show us what it looks like all lit up.


  10. :-D Thanks, y'all. I guess we all think alike! LOL!

    Michelle, the header picture actually is a shot I took that night. It looks really creepy and I've noticed my neighbors getting a chuckle out of it. heehee...