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Saturday, July 10, 2010

We all live in a yellow submarine.

"So we sailed on to the sun
Till we found a sea of green
And we lived beneath the waves
In our yellow submarine

Yellow Submarine by The Beatles

I once told my husband that I am an equal opportunity crafter. If I like a product, I will use it and then tell others how great it is. If the manufacturer has a new competition with a similar yet better product, I will have no qualms in buying the new item if I like it and if my budget allows it.

I love my Cricut Expression machine but I also LOVE the Make-the-Cut software and I like to use Lettering Delights' fonts and graphics with the two. I refuse to limit myself to the product(s) of just one manufacturer and this card clearly illustrates that sometimes the products of these three companies complement rather than compete with each other.

Lettering Delights' has a graphic set called Seven Seas that I love and when I saw the yellow submarine image, I knew that I have to cricut it out. But alas! How am I supposed to do that when I have three little ones who are constantly asking for my attention?

Thankfully my husband understands that I need to get that card out of my head and into my hands. THANK YOU, DAR! for taking the kids out today so I can work on doing just that. :-)

Once again, using Adobe Photoshop and Make-The-Cut, I converted the graphic into a MTC file. I can't share the .mtc file here as it would be against Lettering Delights' Terms of Sales but I can show you that the cuts look like this:

It took me 10 minutes to convert the file and 30 minutes to choose the paper but once the cuts were made, it didn't take long at all to put them all together.

Using Provo Craft's Create-A-Critter cricut cartridge, I cut the panda, pig, and rabbit at 1.5" and adhered them with the submarine.

See the wavy top edge of the card? That's my husband's idea. I didn't have a scallop border punch so I used my 1" circle punch to create that border instead.

A little Stickles, foam tape and rhinestones later, and my card is in my hands. Looking at it I can't help but wonder what great things would PC and MTC come out with if they ever work together. 

Perhaps if they ever get stuck together in a yellow submarine...

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  1. Wow, your card is awesome, those little faces look so cute. If PC, LD and MTC ever get together, they should get you to head up that department. You're cards always look wonderful. Thanks for some more inspiration!

  2. this is GRAND!! Totally AWESOME.

  3. I LOVE this's wonderful!!

  4. So adorable! Love that you paired them together. It turned out fantastic!

  5. OMG, this the cutest card ever or what?!!! I totally agree with you about using MTC, DS and Cricut together to compliment one another. Isn't MTC just the most incredible program?
    BTW, your hubby is the BEST for supporting your creative itch and even contributing his own creativity to your projects...the water cut on the top is great!

  6. Thank you everyone for leaving a comment here. My post on the Cricut MB was removed (as expected!) and I don't know who or what was commented on the thread.

    Thank you for all the encouraging words. I really appreciate it.


  7. Jin, you are an amazing artisan. I just love your cards and your creativity.Thanks for sharing with us once again. Please please do a tut on cleaning up LD files in Photoshop. PLEEEEEEASE!!!

  8. If you can't use LD files in a tutorial, how about some of those free fonts/dingbats that are out there? I, too, would love to know how to do this.

  9. Oh this is the cutest card ever! I really like how you combined the 3 products to make this wonderful little creation! you are very talented for sure! :)

  10. Oh wow that is so cute!! You are amazing. I need to buy that set-I saw it on LD the other day but I'm saving up for something right now. And how funny taking 30 min to pick paper. I'm the exact same way.

  11. That looks really awesome. I have to admit I am a little afraid of these softwares I am mildly computer savvy but I really don't look forward to be on the computer. But they look so pretty It may be worth it :) TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @

  12. Your stuff is amazing. Thanks


  13. Ok ok I take back what i said on the mtc forum for being mad at you hehe (luvdababseh). I ended up spluring the $100 and what do I do but come back to your blog to see all your wonderful LD creations. I not only LOVE your ideas (they are so awesome)! But you always make me laugh so much when reading your post. You are so funny! I HEART your blog!

  14. Love the card, and very nicely said. I have a Cricut Expression, but use SCAL. Same issue there. I like to use SCAL because I am on a tight budget, and I don't like many of the fonts that PC offers. That was one of the main reasons I went with it. I love to use the carts, because sometimes they are just faster. I am fairly new to the Cricut world, so I am still learning how to use everything. I think you are totally correct in saying they compliment each other wonderfully. And yes, it is a shame the people at PC don't see that, and grow from it!!!

    I will continue to follow your blog because I just love your creations!! Keep up the great work!